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Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
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    Troubleshoot Magni 3

    Hello All, Hope all are safe! I am looking for help on how to troubleshoot a problem in Magni preamp. I got this from US and never checked. Dropped the adapter there as it was 110v. Now with new adapter to matched 14v I see the power light is on but no sound. All components inside is intact...
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    Need help - Trying to get Media Player to work with my CRT

    Hello! First post, so please excuse if I make any mistakes. I bought IncrediSonic Ultra Play media player to connect to my Panasonic CRT. I am using AV/RCA cable to connect the player. My TV has AV, AV 2, AV 2S, AV 3, AV 3S modes available. My DVD player utilizes AV and cable uses AV2...