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    Opinions on the LG LD460 and LD650 series

    Hi Guys, I'm a n00b here. I want to buy a 42" LCD (Not LED can't afford it) I get a decent discount on LG products as I work in a LG sister Co. (Not LGE tho). Now depending on teh availability and budget I have a couple of options 42LD460 : 42" fullhd, Supports all file formats, 2 HDMIs ...
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    Motion Blur Science...Informative

    I came accross this link on hidefjunkies forum. This is real Good information...though its a bit old....thought I should share with our forum members. Article: I have long been a complainer about motion blur with LCDs. It drives me crazy. I have gotten a lot of flack over the years for this...