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tube amplifier

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. preth30

    For Sale Tube amplifier in excellent condition for sale

    Selling a tube amplifier in brand new condition. Power stage EL34 and Pre stage is 6N3(Equivalent 5670) Asking price is 38k exclusive of shipping if any.
  2. manojrc

    Wanted SET power amp

    As title says looking for SET power amp preferably mono blocks. No Chinese amps please. No integrated or push pull too. No SS unless it’s SIT-1/2/3 !!! Location - Kochi
  3. cybervinay

    For Sale Line Magnetic LM-503PA Monoblock Power Amplifier Pair - Single Ended 845, 300B 310A Driver Tubes 24W Per Channel

    I have on sale a beautiful looking and sounding pair of tube monoblock amplifier from Line Magnetic. Its the model LM-503PA Highly reviewed and got the red-dot award in 2017. Its a copy of Western Electric design from the golden tube era Its a single ended design with 845 output tubes driven by...
  4. yogibear

    For Sale Dynaco ST35 Tube Power Amplifier EL84 Push Pull, 17.5 wpc, Mint Condition

    Dynaco ST35, EL84 Push Pull tube power amplifier, delivers 17.5 watts per channel into 8 ohms impedance speakers. It is the more revered Rev B model. Made around heavy NOS American Hammond Power Transformers and Hammond Output Transformers, NOT new production. The amp will only play 8 ohm...
  5. eddie_fox

    Wanted Tube integrated / separates amplifier - Around 2 Lakh budget

    Hi all, Anybody interested in selling their tube amplifiers? I am open to all kinds of tube amplification (SET/P-P/Triodes/Pentodes/Ultra-linear...). In fact, I am not very knowledgable in this area and these are some of the variations I have picked up on during discussions with experts. I am...
  6. subhobh

    Wanted Pre-amplifier

    Looking for a Pre-amplifier within a budget of 30k at the max and preferably active pre-amps. Open for both 'tube' or, 'solid-state' options. Please get in touch if you have one to offer. Thanks in advance.
  7. eddie_fox

    Wanted Basic integrated amp - 25K (tube preferred)

    Hi all, A friend of mine is starting out with a basic Hi-Fi setup in Bangalore. He is looking for a decent, well maintained integrated amp (he prefers tubes, but is ok with an SS as well). He is willing to spend around 25K INR. He will buy a pair of speakers after the amp purchase, and...
  8. drkrack

    For Sale NAD D3020, SMSL Su-8 ,Modi Multibit DAC, APPJ Mini 2013 Tube Amp,Apple TV 3rd Gen

    Hello Everyone, These are Few Items Lying Unused Selling as Part of New Year Closet Clearance.. 1. NAD D3020 V1 : Integrated amp, Less than Year Old , Cosmetically 9/10 Working 10/10 , Comes with remote and Box. Used sparingly in TV setup hardly 100hrs. Typical NAD signature with Sub out and...
  9. R

    Tube Amplifier and Tube pre-Amplifier Builds

    Instead of opening several threads, I will post all my Tube related projects in this one. Hope this will be useful for other DIYs and members. I’m posting the information after I tested and confirmed. I welcome fellow members to share their ideas and comments. The Christiansen "DG" 300B...
  10. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Almarro A205A MK II Single Ended Integrated Tube Amp with extra tubes

    This is an excellent single ended tube amp. It is a well-known Japanese made Single-Ended EL-84 amp with two switched inputs and an impedance switch, which allows you to listen to either 8 ohm or 16 ohm speakers as well as with a mini-headphone jack in the back. It is also easy and cheap for...
  11. Kannan

    For Sale Akai SW-35 full range speakers

    Up for grabs is a vintage Akai SW-35 full range transmission line speakers from the jet stream series. It is in good cosmetic and working condition. It uses a Fostex FE-103 Alnico magnet full range driver in a transmission line enclosure design. Specs: Type: 1 way, single driver...
  12. R

    EL34 Tube Amplifier

    This is my 30+30 Watts monoblocks. I used custom made output transformers. Used solen fast for coupling and electrolytics for power supply. Later upgraded with oil caps for coupling and Solenfast for filter. After upgraded to oil caps it sound excellent. [/url] [/IMG]
  13. R

    Upgrading Leak TL12Plus Monoblocks

    These beautiful sounding Monoblocks belong to a FM friend. We are collecting components to upgrade these amp.
  14. P

    taking baby steps, need help choosing floor speakers

    Dear audio gurus, I just bought a pair of Class A full Vacuum tube mono block amp with 40Wattts RMS, i'm swimming in an Ocean searching for a good pair of floor speakers. so many to choose! need your expert advice. My requirements are simple, Clear crisp soft sound(midrange), punchy base...
  15. N

    Any one has Analog audio lab india - tube amp?

    Does anyone owns tube amp from analog audio lab india. if so which speaker pairs better. How is the performance
  16. V

    Need help/suggestions for setting up my two channel setup

    Hi All, I think I am finally ready to set up a decent 2 channel setup and would like to get some suggestions from my forum friends. I have been struck by the tube magic lately and would like to set up a tube based system within the next 2-3 months. I will mostly go for a tube integrated...