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tube preamp

  1. Nagaraj S

    Wanted Tube or SS Pre-amplifier

    Dear FMs, I am looking for a used preamp (tube or SS) to pair with my Parasound A21 power amp, driving Monitor Audio Silver 500 speakers. The preamp should have these following features: -HT bypass -Tone controls -Sub out My budget is 40-50k. Tube preamp preferred first. It will be nice if the...
  2. R

    Tube Amplifier and Tube pre-Amplifier Builds

    Instead of opening several threads, I will post all my Tube related projects in this one. Hope this will be useful for other DIYs and members. I’m posting the information after I tested and confirmed. I welcome fellow members to share their ideas and comments. The Christiansen "DG" 300B...
  3. SachinChavan

    Problem faced with Valhalla2 as pre with Audiolab 8200A as power amp - Help needed

    Friends, I am facing a problem which I believe you might be able to help me think through and solve. I have a Schiit Valhalla 2 (tube headphone amp used as preamp) connected to my Audiolab 8200A integrated amplifier which drives my speakers (Castle Knight 2). I play CDs on my Cambridge CXC...
  4. Kannan

    For Sale Tube preamplifier by Lyrita Audio

    Tube preamplifier made by Lyrita Audio in mint condition. You can use it between your digital source or DAC and amp for the tube warmth. Preamp with active gain stage which can bypassed to be used as a tube buffer preamp. It uses two 6SN7 tubes which are very linear tubes with good tonal...
  5. H

    Aikido 12Vac Tube Preamplifier Build

    HI all As many of them know about this Preamp.I like to share my build Aikido 12Vac Preamp build as name suggest it needs only 12 V ac to operate.This is the real beauty of this preamp. After building Nelson b1 and opamp based preamp this is the one I feel superior in sound quality really...
  6. 2

    Tube Amp to Turntable

    Ok everyone, I fell in love with equipment and reviews and got over my head. I have 2 pieces of equipment that I love and want to stitch them together. I have a Miniwatt N3 that I heard great review about and I hooked up to my computer to play spotify on some of the worst speakers you could...