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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Pavan1112


    PRICE: 7500 REASON: Upgraded to Pro-Ject VC-S USAGE: About 50 Records * About only 30% Concentrate used of 4 OZ. https://www.hifimart.com/spin-clean-r-record-washer-mkii-complete-kit.html
  2. S

    HMV stereo 1010 Repair

    Hello everyone. During my recent visit to my home I found my dad's HMV stereo 1010 turn table. I have lot of childhood memories associated with it. Do anyone of you know- Someone who can repair it? Where can I get the spare parts? Thank you
  3. VinylShakti

    Dust Cover for your Turntable

    Hi FMs, If anybody wants a source in Mumbai who can fabricate clear acrylic or even tinted acrylic dust-covers for their turntables do let me know. I have recently got one done for mine and am quite satisfied with the outcome. I know many others have cracked ones in their old TTs and...