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turntable not working

Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
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    Repairing Phillips turntable in Mumbai

    Hi, I have an old 3-speed Phillips turntable which was bought in 1974. It recently has stopped giving output in one speaker. The mechanical parts work but the electronics in the Left speaker seems to have given way. I took it to a repairer who said that the left channel preamp is not working...
  2. S

    Garrard Turntable - need some repair

    I have a Garrard Turntable, which needs some repair. Does anyone have any recommendations on who I can get in touch with (in Bangalore)? -Shruti
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    Need help in setting up Technics SL 2000

    Hi Recently I acquired a Technics SL2000 turn table. When I tried to play it, only one channel is working . I am new to TT's and I could not find much help online which describes the same problem .I am not sure where to start my debugging any help is highly appreciated. Regards Harris