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  1. surendar

    For Sale Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB turntable

    For sale is Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB entry level budget turntable. In excellent condition with all accessories in original box and packing materiels. 1) Fully automatic. 2) Operating voltage - 120V (220V -120V Voltage converter included in this sale). 3) Also included is an additional...
  2. K

    For Sale Pioneer PL-8 turntable in mint condition with Shure Cartridge.

    Pioneer PL-8 Turntable-Made in Japan This is a nice looking turntable. U can say this is a hidden Gem in Pioneer line up, especially the higher end turntables of this particular series. This utilise a polymer graphite tonearm it means that tonearm has excellent rigidity and resonance...
  3. F

    For Sale Award winning Rega RP1 TT with Performance pack

    The performance pack comes with an upgraded Bias 2 cartridge, a woollen mat and an upgraded belt as compared to the regular RP1. The reviews and awards speak for themselves: https://www.whathifi.com/rega/rp1-performance-pack/review The regular RP1 sells for Rs. 29K; the Performance pack at...
  4. A

    Wanted Phono preamp

    Hi, I am looking for a phono preamp. It must be able to support low MC cartridges. I am open to tube or solid state as long as it is in excellent condition. I am based in Mumbai but am open to anything. Would prefer a relatively high end product. Budget is Rs. 35-50k. Please PM me if...
  5. J

    Connecting phono stage to integrated without phono input

    Hi! I'm new in this forum, this is my first thread. In advance, please sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina. (And for my ignorance too!) Well, the thing is I've bought a turntable (Holimar 4, made in the good ol' argentinian times) with a Goldring 2200 cartridge (Goldring - Goldring 2200...
  6. A

    Pioneer PL - 55X repair needed

    Hi , My cousin in Pune has a Pioneer PL - 55X turntable. The arm has got damaged in shipping it from one place to the other. He stays near Magarpatta in Pune and wants to replace the arm. Is there anyone who can do the needful. He has loads of old LPs that he would like to listen to.
  7. canchi

    The Levitating Turntable!

    Have you guys seen this from Mag Lev Audio https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245727224/mag-lev-audio-the-first-levitating-turntable/description
  8. hifipal4all

    For Sale Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk 2 Turntable (GERMANY)

    This is SCHEUs top-of-the range reference model. In terms of performance it even comfortably exceeds the companys previous top model, the Premier, and represents the beginning of a whole new phase for SCHEU. Weighing in at a total of about 38 kg, this mighty turntable is really a heavyweight...
  9. V

    Wanted Phono Cartridge

    Looking for a phono cartridge suitable for a VPI Classic with JMW 10.5 arm. Unused as well as light used cartridges Preferred. Please PM me if you have one.
  10. P

    Akai Twins

    A while back I added another Akai TT to my collection - a midnight black AP-Q55 Quartz Lock Direct Drive It sits well along my midnight black AP-D30 which is also a direct drive. Both TTs are built very well and sound fantastic. I also like the vintage Akai design philosophy and find most...
  11. N

    Into the Vinyl world!! Where to start? - absolute beginner

    Hello all! The title says it all! - Need your expert advise on starting the vinyl journey. - Need advise on a good TT to start with (Pro-Ject Debut III, carbon, with OM10, Rega.. etc comes to my mind); From where to get it at reasonable cost. Looking for New or near mint condition TT -...
  12. S

    Dual Turntables

    If any one needs help with restoring Dual Turntables in India, I can help. My Collection : Dual 1229 - idler drive Dual 1228 - idler drive Audio Technica PL120 - direct drive Akai AP 004 - belt drive Philips 242 - belt drive Sansui 717 - legendary amp Sansui 555 - legendary amp Sansui...
  13. S

    INDIA: Yamaha R-N301BL + NS-8390 = Good Combo?

    Before going on to buy, I wanted to double confirm from the experts if the following combo makes sense. Thanks in advance! Yamaha R-N301BL Network Stereo Receiver (from Grabmore.com) Yamaha Speaker System NS-8390 (from Amazon.in) Denon DP29F Mini Turntable (from Amazon.in) All I need is a...
  14. W

    Renting a Turntable - Bangalore

    Hi there, Need some help here. Any idea where one could rent a TT for few hours in Bangalore ? I checked with local audio/video hiring companies and they don't seem to carry a TT. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  15. prepress

    For Sale Pioneer PL 12 Turntable

    Hi friends, Again up for sale a Pioneer PL-12 Belt Drive Turntable, another opportunity if you missed this last time. Received this turntable TODAY from our reputed forum member Mr. Shafic (He shipped this turntable to me 3 days back). His sale thread for this TT is here, please have a look...
  16. A

    Dealer recommendation in Delhi/Mumbai for Project III

    Hi everyone, I have been a lurker on this forum for months, and finally have the money to set up my first turntable set - up :) I've been reading recommendations and have decided to pick up the Project III as the basic turntable, it fits my budget and everyone on the forum seems to be...
  17. F

    For Sale Sonodyne Direct Drive Turntable RP-4000D

    Offering to sale my beloved Sonodyne Turntable RP - 4000D It is in good cosmetic condition with minor scratches on acrylic cover. Features : 1. Straight Gyro Balanced Fulcrum Tonearm (Same as used in renowed Kenwood Beltdrive TT) 2. Direcrdrive 3. Stroboscope 4. Separate motor...
  18. A

    For Sale Technics SL-Q200 2-Speed Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable

    Selling US model (110V) Technics SLQ-200 2-Speed Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable with step down transformer. This turntable used sparingly and in very good condition. It has extremely new Audio Technica AT92E cartridge with very good sound. New cartridge used only for 4 - 6 hours of...
  19. vinylhead

    MC Cartridge retipping help

    Hi, I have Lyra Lydian Beta MC cartridge, while cleaning my turntable the cloth got stuck to cartridge (which was not protected) and accidently the diamond tip came off and is lost. Wanted help regarding retipping experts available in india (mumbai preferable) who can retip my cartridge.
  20. M

    Suggest a turntable and phono preamp

    Hello everybody, I am new here. Joined recently. At present I have a Dayton Audio DTA-1 (class-T) amp with a pair of Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers: frequency 70Hz-20Khz, impedance :8 ohms with recommended amp power of 5 to 40 watts, both purchased from Dayton Audio online. Now I intend...