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  1. cybervinay

    For Sale Price Revised: Garrard 401 Turntable with Plinth, SME 3009 Tonearm and Audio Technica Cartridge - Ready to Play

    I am selling my Garrard 401 Turntable which I was holding up for my 2nd room setup but have now decided not to continue with that project This is complete with Plinth (Alternate MDF/Ply multi layer and laminated Walnut finish) It is complete and ready to play, comes with SME 3009 tonearm and...
  2. R

    For Sale 4 Months Old Pro-Ject Debut Carbon for Sale

    Hi FM, The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable is consistently the bestselling listening turntable. The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is a precision turntable with high quality, custom components especially where it counts: tonearm and motor system. The Debut Carbon DC Turntable is an excellent value...
  3. HiFiVision

    ✔Marantz TT5005 Turntable for ₹14,990/-

    ✔Marantz TT5005 Turntable for ₹14,990/- Thanks to the in-built phono equalizer the TT5005 is easy to set-up turntable that can work with any amplifier or receiver – even it doesn’t have a dedicated phono input. It’s also effortless to operate, thanks to the start-stop system that...
  4. S

    Audio Technice LP60 Transformer

    Hi, I bought Audio Technica AT LP 60 turntable from the US and used it directly in India. Because of 110v - 220v difference the transformer blew up. Now, I need to replace the transformer. But I am not able to figure what is the output that the transformer gives as it is not mentioned anywhere...
  5. V

    For Sale Philips F7213 Turntable with Headshell and Ortofon Cartridge

    Philips F7213 turntable, in full working condition, with two headshells, EG1400 cartridge without stylus and Ortofon OM 10 Super cartridge with stylus. Turntable belt is new and dust cover has minor cracks only in the front corners as shown in the picture. Ortofon cartridge and stylus has been...
  6. plasmoid

    Wanted Silicone Fluid for turntable cueing damping

    Hi all, Recently my Technics tonearm seems to be dropping a bit fast. Wondering if anyone here had any silicone fluid for damping the cueing mechanism. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. E

    Garrard SL95b or technics SL-D3

    Both are in good condition and cost the same. Which turntable should i buy and why? Are spare parts for either ones available in india? Please help . Thanks in Advance
  8. J

    Turntable with Rega Brio R

    Hi folks, I am "new" to newer turntables. We used to have one old one from the HMV days. Recently acquired the Rega Brio R and looking for a suitable turntable. So which kind of turntable should I be looking at , or rather can someone recommend me some models and names. I have not fixed a...
  9. Kannan

    Audition of a high end full analogue setup at AV Lounge, Chennai

    The Full Analogue Experience: Some months back, I had written about my experience (review as is called in audio circles) of listening to Xavian Calliope speakers in AV Lounge, Chennai. https://www.hifivision.com/ threads/experiencing-xavian- speakers-at-avlounge.67406/ At that time the source...
  10. Sushant Sharma

    For Sale NAD C556 Turntable and NAD PP4 ( MM/MC)Phonostage for sale.

    Hello Good folks of Hifivision, Up for sale is my NAD C 556 Turntable and NAD PP4 phonostage (both 5 star rated products on WhatHifi). Great entry level products these both and purchased a year and half ago from an authorised dealer in Delhi. Have upgraded the phono and now am thinking of a new...
  11. plasmoid

    Wanted Wanted original Technics rubber mat

    Hi All, The rubber mat I received with my TT was hardened and cracked on arrival. If anyone has a spare, please PM me with price and shipping charges(if not from Bangalore)
  12. surendar

    For Sale Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB turntable

    For sale is Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB entry level budget turntable. In excellent condition with all accessories in original box and packing materiels. 1) Fully automatic. 2) Operating voltage - 120V (220V -120V Voltage converter included in this sale). 3) Also included is an additional...
  13. ketanpote69

    For Sale Pioneer PL-8 turntable in mint condition with Shure Cartridge.

    Pioneer PL-8 Turntable-Made in Japan This is a nice looking turntable. U can say this is a hidden Gem in Pioneer line up, especially the higher end turntables of this particular series. This utilise a polymer graphite tonearm it means that tonearm has excellent rigidity and resonance...
  14. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Award winning Rega RP1 TT with Performance pack

    The performance pack comes with an upgraded Bias 2 cartridge, a woollen mat and an upgraded belt as compared to the regular RP1. The reviews and awards speak for themselves: https://www.whathifi.com/rega/rp1-performance-pack/review The regular RP1 sells for Rs. 29K; the Performance pack at...
  15. A

    Wanted Phono preamp

    Hi, I am looking for a phono preamp. It must be able to support low MC cartridges. I am open to tube or solid state as long as it is in excellent condition. I am based in Mumbai but am open to anything. Would prefer a relatively high end product. Budget is Rs. 35-50k. Please PM me if...
  16. J

    Connecting phono stage to integrated without phono input

    Hi! I'm new in this forum, this is my first thread. In advance, please sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina. (And for my ignorance too!) Well, the thing is I've bought a turntable (Holimar 4, made in the good ol' argentinian times) with a Goldring 2200 cartridge (Goldring - Goldring 2200...
  17. A

    Pioneer PL - 55X repair needed

    Hi , My cousin in Pune has a Pioneer PL - 55X turntable. The arm has got damaged in shipping it from one place to the other. He stays near Magarpatta in Pune and wants to replace the arm. Is there anyone who can do the needful. He has loads of old LPs that he would like to listen to.
  18. canchi

    The Levitating Turntable!

    Have you guys seen this from Mag Lev Audio https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245727224/mag-lev-audio-the-first-levitating-turntable/description
  19. hifipal4all

    For Sale Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk 2 Turntable (GERMANY)

    This is SCHEUs top-of-the range reference model. In terms of performance it even comfortably exceeds the companys previous top model, the Premier, and represents the beginning of a whole new phase for SCHEU. Weighing in at a total of about 38 kg, this mighty turntable is really a heavyweight...
  20. V

    Wanted Phono Cartridge

    Looking for a phono cartridge suitable for a VPI Classic with JMW 10.5 arm. Unused as well as light used cartridges Preferred. Please PM me if you have one.