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Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com
  1. dd.dewan

    New Delhi Vinyl Fair Spring Edition - March 8th 2020 - Hauz Khaz Village

    Greetings It is our big pleasure to invite you to the spring edition of the New Delhi Vinyl Fair. This free for all event will take place the 8th of March, in Hauz khas Village, offering a large selection of obscure music on vinyls, cassettes, CDs and vintage posters. (More than 10,000...
  2. Fiftyfifty


    Hi, I wish to sell these within the next 10 days hence offered at a big discount. 1. Marantz TT15S1 Belt drive turntable in near mint condition: Purchased new around 2 years ago from the distributor. This is a true audiophile turntable designed and manufactured by Clearaudio in Germany and...
  3. vinylhead

    For Sale Garrard 301 Grease Bearing with brand new loricraft plinth & NOS SME tonearm

    Hi, Iam putting up my Garrard 301 Grease Bearing turntable for sale Tonearm : New Old Stock SME 9 inch Series iii tonearm Plinth: Brand new Loricraft type plinth Cartridge: Shure V-15 Type IV (stylus needs to be replaced, which is available online) Ownership: 2nd Price :Rs.1,29,000/-
  4. P

    Repairing Phillips turntable in Mumbai

    Hi, I have an old 3-speed Phillips turntable which was bought in 1974. It recently has stopped giving output in one speaker. The mechanical parts work but the electronics in the Left speaker seems to have given way. I took it to a repairer who said that the left channel preamp is not working...
  5. R

    Cartridge for Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

    The needle on my Pro-ject Debut Carbon broke recently:sad: :sad: I am in Bangalore and am looking to buy a new cartridge, either online or offline. Its OM 10. Would appreciate any help or pointers. Thank you!
  6. anirban420

    Restoration of HMV STEREO 666 (1976)

    Way back in 1976, my father was then 21 years old boy. He owned a HMV STEREO 666 that time. HMV and PHILIPS record players were dominating the market that time. Mostly the budget players were highest selling. HMV STEREO 666 was also a budget player of that time. Its price was Rs. 1768/- only...
  7. K

    For Sale Technics SL 5100 Tuen table and 7 new LPs

    Hi I am selljng my turn table and LPs. Price Rs 12000. Techcnics SL-5100 + 7 New LPs and 7 Classic LPs - HiFiADS.com Thanks. Ravi kiran
  8. ravipsharmaster

    Hi All.. Here for Vintage Amplifiers, TTs, LPs

    Hi All, I am based in Mumbai and new to this forum but old for audio technologies.. Here to find out more about vintage collection of LPs, Turntables, Amplifiers and looking for some good stuff if available with any of the members. Regards, RAVI
  9. C

    Sansui P-M900

    I have had a Samsui stereo system since the early 1980s with a P-M900 auto reverse turntable, amplifier, tuner and dual cassette player. Can anyone help me determine its value?
  10. R

    Hi Forum Members

    Hey hifians, I am delighted to join this group as am a new enthusiast of vinyl and hoping to learn all the concepts as a beginner. To start off, am looking to buy a decent turntable record player in Bangalore. Request, if someone can guide me to a good brand and model and also possible...
  11. S

    Looking for my first turntable

    hello, i am looking to buy my very first TT. i have no experience with this stuff, but i recently discovered a large collection of old LPs that belonged to my great grandmother and cannot stop thinking about what is on them. i went into the ProFX store today to look at the Denon DP 29F and...
  12. T

    Looking for a budget turntable with all modern facilities

    What are the turntables of saregama brand available in kolkata? Please mention their price. I want to know the brands which are cheap but with modern facilities. I am a newcomer to this site.I have a huge collection of 33 & 78rpm records that I want to play and archive in computer through usb...
  13. D

    Please Help: Phono Preamp for my Sonodyne 4000D Turntable

    Hi All, I am newbie to the world of turntables. I just inherited a huge collection of LP's/EP's from my uncles and my dad while my old house was being cleared. I am a music buff but records are completely new to me. Along with the LP's I also inherited a Sonodyne 4000D Record Player. Now...
  14. B

    Turntables (Recommendations?)

    Hi All, My first time on this forum! A pleasure to be a part of this as well! :) Looking for an entry level Turntable in Bangalore and have shortened down to two models particularly. Will be awesome, if you could help me choose one: Pro-Ject Debut III with the Pro-Ject Phono Box MM...
  15. denzong

    Urgent Help on Cartridge in Mumbai

    Hi Friends, i very urgently need help on places i can buy a cartridge. i want to buy the cartridge for my Cosmic Cogram 4000 Direct drive TT. Need to know where to buy in Mumbai and which one to buy. please, this is very urgent so would request quick replies thanks a lot
  16. manveer

    Help totally confused!!!!!!

    Currently I am listening to music on a Denon 29F turntable + Yamaha RX-457 Amplifier + Yamaha NS-555 speakers. Lately I have felt the need to upgrade and decided to start with the turntable as it would incur a high cost and is to be the only source. But then confusion set in. reasons for...
  17. denzong

    For Sale LPs

    Hi All, a fellow forumer is selling his LP collection. out of his lot i have picked up mine and these are left. he wants to sell in bulk so guys please show interest and let me know who all wants what. the price is @ 200 per record and according to him its in very good condition heres the...