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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. cybervinay

    For Sale For Sale: SME FD200 Fluid Damper Fits 3009 II and 3012

    For Sale here is SME FD200 Fluid Damper Kit For use with the SME 3009 series II and series II improved Tonearms. FD 200 can be used to optimise the already superb performance of the 3009 series 2 improved tone arm. The FD 200 fluid damper is a refined, miniature 'shock absorber' which can...
  2. jls001

    What Tweaks Work For You?

    Many of us have tried various tweaks at some point or the other in our audio-video journey. Some work, while some do nothing. These could be room acoustic treatments, speaker placement (though placement is, strictly speaking, not a tweak, but for this discussion we will consider it a "tweak" as...
  3. T

    Do Soup Cans improve sound? I don't know but it sure is "FOOD" for thought.

    Greetings from Darjeeling, All. This sure makes for an interesting read. The Importance of Soup in Audio I would not negate it outright. I have a hunch there could be more to it than meets the eye. I am, by any means, not suggesting that FMs start piling these cans in their listening...