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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. cybervinay

    SOLD Vintage Goodmans midax compression drivers with horn pair

    I have got it for vintage Horn Project but I have decided not to go in that direction Got it from a audiophile collector of vintage stuff Goodmans Midax Horns Pair / Original condition / Measured 11 Ohms DCR Since this is a vintage item, there signs wear due to vintage. Check pictures and let me...
  2. Kannan

    For Sale Dayton Audio woofer, midbass/midrange and tweeter

    Listing Dayton Audio Drivers all in mint condition. Dayton Audio Classic Series DC250-8, 10 inch woofer, 8 ohms: Rs. 6000 pair Dayton Audio Reference Series RS150-8, 6 inch midrange/midbass, 8 ohms: Rs. 6000 pair Dayton Audio Reference RS28-F silk dome tweeter, 4 ohm: Rs. 10000 pair I also...
  3. R

    Replacing wharfedale 10.2 tweeter

    the tweeters in my 2 year old wharfedale 10.2 speakers are making jarring sounds now. Should I replace the tweeters? Should I bypass the Wharfedale tweeters and use external tweeters ? Any suggestions?
  4. cybervinay

    For Sale Tannoy ST200 Super Tweeter (Pair) - Mint Condition

    I have for sale my Tannoy ST200 Super Tweeter (Pair) This was bought 8 months back has not been used much. I connected it for a few weeks and then removed and since then it is sitting on the shelves. I am disposing this off to arrange some funds for another project I am the original owner...
  5. V

    Taming tweeter brightness....the non destructive tweak on Usher S520

    I recently setup a stereo system after carefully considering each individual components. This was going to be my 4th stereo setup and I wanted to avoid all the mistakes I had done before. Also, I was more sure about the kind of music I listen to and about my sound preferences. So, finally I...
  6. L

    B&W 683 replacin the tweeter

    Hello there does anybody have a clue how to replace the tweeters on the b&w 683 or got any drawings or something??? thankful for all answers :)
  7. sjith

    DIY Bookshelf Speaker, Need Help

    hi, Need Help/Valuable Advices Planning to Build a pair of Bookshelf speakers what I have Foster 30 W magnetically shielded 6" woofers 4 pcs (planning to use 2 pcs first) Its from a Toshiba Projection TV while scraping a workshop in our are they are making custom speaker...
  8. S

    which tweeter/woofer is good and why

    Between Peerless - 5.25" High fidelity 8 Ohm woofer - SKO130 and Peerless - 5.25" Coated Paper Cone Woofer - M13NH Between Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT and Peerless - 25mm Silk DomeTweeter - TL25SN and Peerless - 26mm Silk Dome Tweeter - TL26SG Please...
  9. S

    Bowers Wikins 685 Tweeter dented

    Need some help. I have dented the tweeter on my 685. The speaker operates fine since it is only 12mm diameter dent. But would like to replace the tweeter. Can someone guide me how to open the speaker and replace the tweeter. I am going to buy the tweeter from B&W. do i need special tools or any...
  10. ashokec

    Help need in adding Tweeter to home theater

    Hi I want to add extra tweeter to my creative 5.1 home theater. If I just connect it parallel to the existing midrange speakers will there be much problem with impedance mismatch? If it's there how can I solve it? Regards
  11. B

    Super Tweeters??

    Hi, Does anyone have super tweeters in your setup? These are supposed to extend the frequency range from 20KHz to upto 100KHz. :o I mean, What is the use of having a super tweeter? We are anyways deaf to any sound above 20KHz.. :annoyed: Do the music CDs even come with sound...