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  1. S

    VU 75 Inch 4K TV - Is this a good buy?

    Hi, I am looking for a big screen TV and came across this budget prived option - Is this a good buy? What is the difference between the Pixelight range and this...
  2. A

    For Sale 4K UHD Atmos HT system for sale

    Hello FM's I'm planning to sell my 4K UHD Atmos HT for sale. Optoma UHD 65 Projector - 1 year old - 2.1L ( Includes Ruipro fiber HDMI cable & projector mount ) Marantz SR 6012 - 1 year old - 80K SVS PB2000 Sub - 1 year old - 80K ( Includes QED Sub cable & SVS Sound path isolation ) Xbox One X...
  3. V

    suggestion Videocon crystal 55 UHD vnv55q549sa

    Hi Guys can anyone please give suggestions on the above mentioned TV.what kind of 4K Content will I be able to play on it and does it upscale HD content. Anyone using it or any idea would be helpful Thanks
  4. ratheesh


    Founded in 1981, TCL Corporation, a global corporate group focused on the production of smart products and the provision of online application services. Since its inception TCL Corporation has since grown from a small local joint venture in China into a global corporation engaged in a wide range...
  5. G

    UHD vs Full HD

    Hello you knowledgeable guys I need to buy a TV and I have two choices at the moment - a 43" LG UHD TV and a 49" Panasonic Shinobi TV (630 series), both priced approximately at around 63-65000. Financial constraints prevent me from reaching higher, much as I'd like to have a 50" odd 4K panel...
  6. G

    Does anyone have an idea of the new Panasonic Shinobi TV range?

    Does anyone have an idea of Panasonic 2016 range Shinobi TVs ? How do these compare alongside Sony, Samsung, Lg?
  7. D

    Samsung 2016 models no Flat panel?

    Hi I was going through Samsung UHD products in India for 2016 (in their site). I see the new models (series KS) are available only in Curved model and no flat panel. Also one of the popular product globally is KS8000 Flat panel, which they have not released in India. Does anyone have any...
  8. T

    Tatasky 4k Launch 2015 ?!

    Hi All, Just came across a news item about Tatasky demoing Football in 4k:licklips: and rave reviews about the 4k transmission and the glorious pq. Seems they are planning to launch 4k services from early 2015. Excited about 4k channels coming but worried that its going to be from...