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universal remote

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  1. cybervinay

    For Sale Universal Learning Remote Controls and Accessories

    These are from the past era but some of these can still be used with various devices and HTPC setup that many people use these days. All of these are my own that I have used in the past and all of these are in working condition. See details for condition on the individual listing below...
  2. A

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Ultimate One

    Logitech Harmony Ultimate One – 2.4” Touch Screen Universal Remote for 15 Devices Swipe and tap color touch screen: Navigate TV, movies, music, games and your most frequently used commands with one touch 50 Favorite-channel icons: Personalize the touch screen with icons that get you to your...
  3. A

    For Sale Universal Remote - Logitech

    I bought a set of Logitech harmony universal remote for setting my home theater almost a year a ago which is yet to take off. This remote will allow to hide all devices with and allows smart phone or bundles remote to use your devices. Condition - Rarely used (only for testing) Asking Price -...
  4. drkrack

    For Sale DACs, Pre/Power Combos, Universal remote, Ipod - Closet Clearance

    1. Norge Professional 1200 Preamp+Power Combo: 90wpc at 8 ohms , Has Tone Control and Phono Inputs Drives almost any mainstream FS easily 2Yr Old/ 2nd Owner/ Cosmetically 9/10 , Working 10/10/ No other Accessories https://ibb.co/dfExWx https://ibb.co/eN54Bx Expected Price - Rs 14000 Cash/NEFT...
  5. N

    Universal Remotes for HT ?

    Greetings, Are there any value for money Universal Remotes available for HT systems that can control LED TV, Denon AVR, Projector, etc using single device ? If yes >> are there any threads/ pointers for the same ?
  6. sjith

    For Sale marantz RC101 learning remote for sale

    Bought it from abroad Its with me since Jan 2014 I never used or tried to configure Took it from an AV store directly in a clearance sale Reason for Sale- I had two Marantz receivers without remote at that time and took these for controlling those, Later I switched to stereo amps and sold...
  7. T

    URC 7960 Code for Airtel STB

    Hi There, Did any one buy One for ALL Universal remote URC 7960 model. I am able to setup most of entertainment stuff except Airtel DVR. I tried with Foxtel (3 ) .but didn't work. Any idea. Do i need to do by search mode or manual ? Pl advice.
  8. S

    Universal Remote for Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 projector

    Hi, Please suggest good universal remote which will work with Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 projector. Actually during transaction of projector from US to India my friend lost the original remote control and installation CD. Can anybody kindly guide how should I overcome from this...
  9. U

    Logitech SBT not responding to Remote

    Logitech Squeezebox Touch is not responding to any key press from the remote. How to find if the problem is with Remote or the SBT. If its with remote, is there any possibility of getting it repaired locally (at mumbai preferrably). Alternately if there is any universal remote which can work...
  10. C

    Hello and hopefully some help!

    Good morning! I stumbled upon this forum and have been pressed with many discussions. I am hoping to get some answers and figured if you all can't help then I'm not sure anyone can! I have a Sharp Aquos LC 46-LE700UN tv and a Sony BPD S370 blu-ray player. The Sony remote was misplaced by our...
  11. E

    Which Universal Remote to buy?

    Hi, I have my sister coming from UK on 14th December. So before she gets here, I have to order a universal remote for my setup because as of now, I'm too messed up because of never-ending remotes and a couple of wireless keyboards on my bedside. I want to reduce the clutter without compromising...
  12. A

    Help on making any of existing remote into an universal one

    Hi, I have the following devices under use. Does the remote of any of these devices act as a universal remote so that I can get rid of the many remotes currently? if not what is the cheapest universal remote with a decent performance cost? Thx Pioneer 1020K receiver Samsung 5 series 46...
  13. M

    Universal Remote Recommendation

    Guys looking for some recommendations for Universal remotes. When I started researching on Amazon. I really liked the Harmony One But then I read reports of intermittent battery failure (not to mention the lack of availability of batteries in India). Not given up on it. But having second...
  14. B

    Xtreamer sidewinder remote not working

    Hi all, Please help me on getting a different brand URC (Universal Remote Control) for xtreamer sidewinder. bcoz my xtreamer remote gone bad and i tried to show it electronic shops but they were also unable to fix. In bangalore in hypercity i found oneforall (4-in-1) URC, but i donot...
  15. snorkel4u

    Logitech Harmony 300 = 20$ - Is it a good Buy?

    Looking for a Universal remote for replacing me juggling my 4 current remotes... Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Control 915-000132 Does this seem like a good buy? Alternatively, the Logitech 650 is available for 77 $ Amazon.com: Logitech Harmony 650 Remote (Silver): Cell...
  16. muradasa7

    Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal remote control

    Finaly received my Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote. Pure joy to set it up. It did take a while to configure it using the lappy and the net. But having completed that, its now a breeze to control all my systems. I have even configured it to control my Samsung AC! Really cool.
  17. R

    harmony one remote - broken LCD

    My out of warranty harmony one remote fell down resulting in a cracked LCD. Though the remote is still working, it is useless since it is touch screen and the display is not working. Logitech in India does not repair remotes :mad: - only replaces them in their warranty period. Is there...