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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. jake

    Upgrade to 5.1 , Paradigm Monitor 11 v7s

    Hello FMs, I have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11 v7s paired with a Yamaha A810 receiver. I plan to upgrade to a full 5.1 step by step. Currently i am looking for Paradigm Center Channel (Center 3), and set a pair of surrounds (Surround 3). Subwoofer i have not finalized , i...
  2. SachinChavan

    What a difference air conditioning makes!

    Yes, I experienced this first hand recently. I had fairly upgraded and optimised my stereo system before this and I was happy with the sound. I have a largish living room (340 sq ft) with multiple windows and cross ventilation, hence I never considered air conditioning it till now. But this...
  3. A

    Upgrading My Home Theater Setup. Suggestions Please..!

    Hello All About a year back I had purchased HTiB Yamaha YHT-2910. Loved the sound output then but now am craving for more and hence decided on upgrading my current setup. I would keep the Yamaha AVR 3067 (I Think which come with the package) and the active subwoofer that came along. I am...
  4. Z

    Need suggestion on AVR

    Hello Forum Members Which brand / model of AVR would be suitable to drive my Jamo C 809 front tower speakers ? The AVR should support DOLBY ATMOS. Based on your suggestion I will take an audition before the final purchase. The speaker specs are as below. System Type: 3-way bassreflex...
  5. A

    AV Upgrade Incident\Accident ?

    Dear Fm's, Today I met a Technician to discuss on recapping my Sansui Amplifier and asked him the best options for upgrade as well (Since Sansui is Out of Market). I was shocked when he revealed gave some info about the Marketing strategy the modern day AV companies. My Question was just...
  6. L

    F&D A520 2.1 Amplifier Upgrades

    As I mentioned in another thread, I performed a set of upgrades to the F&D (Fenda) A520 Subwoofer Amplifier. The A520 sounds very good right out of the box - these upgrades are only necessary to improve the durability/reliability, and optionally to improve the sonics. 1) Change the...
  7. M

    Amplifier and Sub for Cambridge Audio S30

    Hey Guys, I started off with buying a Logitech Z2300 around 6 years ago. About 3 years back I replaced the satellites with a pair of S30s, and I am really happy with the sound. I listen to EDM(vocal/uplifting trance, trance and electro house mainly) primarily with a bit of other genres...
  8. N

    Upgrades to Monitor 60 (Erstwhile TSi)

    Hi all - I've been holding onto these Monitor 60 floorstanders complemented by the big size CS2 center and Monitor 30 bookshelves for the rear. They've faithfully served me for 7 years through 3 different media room configurations as I renovated them and moved places. With every media room...
  9. R

    help! to setup a HT with starting budget 30,000

    hi folks, need your help to setup a good system for 30,000 approx. i intend to setup a 2.1 initially and upgrade to a 5.1 subsequently. please help with the following a) AV player b) amp - upgradable upto 5.1 c) speakers - initially a 2.1, will upgrade to 5.1 in sometime please give your...
  10. J

    Will a platter and cart/stylus upgrade improve the playback of old used records?

    Dear All, I recently bought a Pro-ject Debug III with Ortofone OM5E cart. It plays well with new records and tracks pretty well. The details are fine and not bright. I have connected the TT to the entry level Pro-Ject phono box pre amp and then to Denon 2310 AVR. The bass response is not to...
  11. manveer

    Help totally confused!!!!!!

    Currently I am listening to music on a Denon 29F turntable + Yamaha RX-457 Amplifier + Yamaha NS-555 speakers. Lately I have felt the need to upgrade and decided to start with the turntable as it would incur a high cost and is to be the only source. But then confusion set in. reasons for...
  12. P

    MI Terminator 2 Bi-Wire upgrade

    I have these excellent stereo MI Terminator 2 Bi-Wire speaker cables. My system comprises of Audio Note DAC, Quad Pre 77, Quad Power 707, Quad 12L2. I'm very happy with the MIT, but would like to upgrade. Can you suggest appropriate speaker cable upgrades for me? Thanks :)