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  1. gobble

    Unable to view DLAN media files in Oppo BD-80

    Greetings I just installed MediaTomb DLNA UPnP server on my Linux Mint 15 and I verifed the mp4 files downloaded from YouTube can be viewed and played on my Androind UPnP browser. But funnily the Oppo BD-80 lists the folder shared under DLNA on my PC and even lists and plays a single mp3...
  2. H

    My Windows based NAS using Flexraid - haisaikat

    Introduction After months of research and planning I have finally been able to put up my Windows based Home NAS. I would like to thank above all sam for all the inspirational writings in his Unraid NAS thread which made my mind change to come out from a boxed off-the-shelf NAS to a custom built...
  3. S

    Dummies guide to setup a 'free' home media n/w

    Intended audience - - People who dont have or dont want to spend on a media player like Xtreamer, WD Live - People who have a BD player or TV or AVR that is network and DLNA (Digital Life Network Alliance) but the device has limitations over USB What you will need 1. BD/DVD/TV/AVR...
  4. B

    what is UPnP AV wrt Xtreamer?

    Hi all, please help me to understand... 1) what is UPnP AV wrt Xtreamer? :sad: 2) How can we use this..? :sad: thanks bhanu