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usb dac

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DAC sold - TOPPING D50 DAC 2x ES9038Q2M 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS U208 Black

    Sold - Topping D50 DAC Purchased about 4 months back from AliExpress for 14.5k plus customs 2.3k (16.8k). Expected price 12.5k including shipping . Will include one power adapter which is not part of default sale package !! complete packing and accessories available. Reason for sale - Moving...
  2. cybervinay

    SOLD Elfidelity AXF-100 PRO III - Internal USB Power Filter for PC

    Perfect product for anyone using a PC or HTPC as a dematerialized source with a USB converter (DAC). Based on components and very high-end connectivity, it will clean the USB port of the noise generated by the switch mode power supply while allowing you to inject if you wish "clean" 5V from an...
  3. G

    Sound Output from AK Jr

    I got an Astell and Kern AK Jr yesterday, without any memory card. My intended aim is as follows: I have some music stored in the form of mp3s (mostly 320 KBps) on my laptop (Win 10, 8GB, On board sound). I also have some CDs that I play on my laptop. I listen to music on my headphones...
  4. Kannan

    For Sale ASUS Xonar U7 Mint Condition

    In mint condition with original box and accessories. ASUS Xonar U7 USB 7.1 soundcard. C-Media 6632A High-Performance Sound Processor Digital-to-analog Converter(DAC) Dual DAC Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4398 for the main channels Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4362 for the surround, center and...
  5. Kannan

    For Sale SMSL DSD DAC, Sanskrit 6th 32bit/192kHz USB/Optical/Coaxial

    SMSL Sanskrit 6th Gen DSD DAC. Purchased on 25.1.17. Used for max 25 hours. Original box packing with all accessories. 9 months international warranty left Price: Rs. 13500 plus shipping at actuals Link to picture album: https://goo.gl/photos/dXG47KTKdw1tHxVF8...
  6. ashiz29

    For Sale Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 USB DAC

    Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 USB DAC in almost new condition. Purchased in Bangalore. Brilliant for Audiophiles. One year old, used only two times, not much into music now. Bill Available. Selling Price 8,000/- (cheques Accepted) (Fixed) Place: Bangalore
  7. A

    Synology NAS connection with Integrated Amp (with internal DACs) thru USB

    Hi I m a newbie here, but has been reading post for long. i currently own follwing HT setup - Denon x1100w, Pioneer AJ5.1, Sony 42W900B and use Synology NAS 215J with Asus N18U router for all my media needs. This year, i plan to have dedicated quality stereo setup with limited budget. Since...
  8. D

    Audition DACs before buying, possible?

    Hi mates, My creative USB DAC conked off and I'm again in the market to buy another one. My primary source for music is computer. For the time being I'm surviving on iPhone audio and I like the sound from iPhone 4G and so this is the benchmark for the buy. I use M50x (38 ohm) with budget...
  9. S

    Sound card, USB DAC, or Headphone?

    I'm hoping that I'm in a right place for this topic. All right, I have researched to get a better sound quality but haven't able to get an answer that i'm looking for. Should I upgrade a sound card, usb dac, or headset. My current set up is SB Recon3D PCIe with PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amp...
  10. H

    For Sale Meridian Explorer USB DAC

    Hi I am going to sell my Meridian Explorer USB DAC very rarely used one, bought it from USA.Comes with original pack and all its brand new item. Condition is 10/10 with all original box and accessory. I don't want to say anything about this DAC as every body knows about it.Google it you will...
  11. H

    For Sale Logicform USB Dac

    Hi I am going to sell my Logicform USB dac designed and made in USA.Very rarely used one month old.Exceptional quality for the money. Condition :- 10/10 Expected Price:- 8K including shipping Reason for Sale:- Going for build music server You can check more details on there site and the...
  12. S

    For Sale Micromega MyDac async USB Dac 24/192

    I am putting my Dac on sale. T 8 months old, first owner, condition 9.5/10, religiously cared. Original packing available. Sale price: 24 k, amazon invoice and customs slip is available. Reason for sale : upgrading to network audio player with USB input. Enough reviews are available...
  13. A

    Wanted USB DAC and good USB cable for desktop rig

    Greetings everyone, I am currently using a Creative 0204 USB DAC. I am looking to upgrade it with a reasonably price USB DAC. I am looking for something like Schiit Modi or JDS Odac or similar. I dont need a headphone section. Just need something good that takes USB and outputs...
  14. sjith

    DAC can give some improvement ! ?

    Mine is a Technics SU-VX500 Stereo Integrated Amp of 60W per Channel @ 8 Ohms Connected with a pair of Paradigm Titan V2.0 Bookshelfs.The source is my laptop and a Technics SH-GE90 Digital Equalizer is coming between the lap and Amp. I used to listen Indian Clssical Semi Classical And Ghazal...
  15. santanusinha

    An interesting article on USB DAC design

    From one of the designers at TI/Burr Brown... The D/A diaries: A personal memoir of engineering heartache and triumph
  16. K

    USB DAC with apple TV?

    hey anyone knows whether one can use an USB DAC couple with the camera connection kit with the apple TV 2nd/3rd Generation? this would be awesome cause there are much more varieties of inexpensive USB DACs compared to the more expensive ones with optical in etc.
  17. A

    Usb dac

    I need to buy a USB DAC for my wharhedale 10.2 and norge 2060 combo. My budget is <5k. I have heard about Fiio E7+L7. and NuForce UDAC. Which one should I buy? Other suggestions are always welcome. And the most important question. Where can i buy them. I live in hyderabad! Thanks..
  18. R

    T Amps or DACs made in India

    Hello Friends, After reading so many reviews and comments about Topping TP20. I am curious to know whether there are any makers of T-Amps in India? Which comes with a warranty? Also what about other Class D amps? And integrated amps preferably with a USB or Toslink connection with a built...
  19. B

    Wanted Usb dac

    I am looking for a USB DAC which I plan to use mainly with my desktop computer. I am looking for something similar to Fubar III or Headroom Micro DAC. My budget is about 7-8k. Kindly let me know if you are willing to sell one. I am located in Bangalore. Thanks, Manish.
  20. A

    HOTAUDIO USB DAC "DESTROYER" for $10 incl shipping to India!!!!

    Hard to believe, but I already ordered one! :yahoo: For $10, including shipping to India!!! Usually goes for $50-$70, is driven by a PCM2705E and has got a headphone out, seriously....what more could you expect for 460 Rs ! Results for DACs Compare it not with other DACs please ;)