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Home Theatre Systems
  1. Y

    Wanted USB To HDMI or VGA Adaptor

    Looking for a USB (2.0 or 3.0) to VGA or HDMI Adaptor NOT USB C type Need it to connect to 2 monitors to my laptop, With 1 HDMI Port available. Need another Display Out by using USB to HDMI or VGA Adaptor. So that i can connect my 2nd monitor through this. Budget :As low possible. 300- 1000...
  2. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DAC sold - TOPPING D50 DAC 2x ES9038Q2M 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS U208 Black

    Sold - Topping D50 DAC Purchased about 4 months back from AliExpress for 14.5k plus customs 2.3k (16.8k). Expected price 12.5k including shipping . Will include one power adapter which is not part of default sale package !! complete packing and accessories available. Reason for sale - Moving...
  3. Fiftyfifty

    Zen and the Art of Cable Improvement

    I’m a big fan of computer audio. I use a headless, keyboardless, optimised Mac Mini running Audirvana+. My files are carefully sourced, several from HDTracks, and curated. The Mac is connected via a PS Audio Lanrover (reclocker/regenerator) to the Denafrips Terminator DAC. I didn’t want to...
  4. U

    How to create Playlist for Pioneer Head Unit AVH-Z5190BT or similar one

    Hi All, I have Pioneer AVH-Z5190BT and collection of flac in a USB pendrive. I have also created several playlists using mediamonkey and saved them as .m3u in the USB pendrive. Also changed the path of the songs in .m3u using editor and confirmed the same works fine in PC/Laptop. It looks...
  5. amit11

    USB / reclocker / regenerator / DDC (digital to digital convertor)

    Hi Friends, Over the few months I had tried to experiment with USB sound. In some cases it was bright and in some cases it was fine. I also did USB to SPDIF and tried. Somehow I still preferred my original chain of SPDIF. Though USB had some good points, it was still missing the natural & lush...
  6. amit11

    Wanted USB to SPDIF

    Hi Friends, Was looking for USB to SPDIF convertor to connect to my NOS DAC which has optical input only. convertor e.g Muse mini based on pcm2704 chip, signstek based on pcm2704 chip, etc. Thanks in advance. Amit.
  7. Rajeshh

    Wyred4sound Recovery - USB Re-clocker

    Having good friends is great, but as an audiophile, having friends who are audiophiles, is pretty amazing. I recently upgraded from my LS50 Wireless, to a full blown separate set-up consisting of the Kef Reference 1s, Wyred4sound mAMPSs & mPRE. The upgrade in sound quality is not something i...
  8. T

    Samsung 32J4003 USB pin bent/half broken :(

    Folks, I ordered a 90 degree USB adapter and got it yesterday. Out of excitement, I tried putting it in Samsung LED and in the process the USB last two pins bent downwards. Little did I know that this USB has open pins without any bottom support. Now I am left with only one unusable USB port...
  9. M

    Hello From M2Tech (Italy)

    Dear readers, greetings from beautiful Italy. My name is Marco Manunta, I'm owner and CTO of M2Tech Srl, an italian company devoted to digital audio since 2009. Please visit our website for details: M2Tech Srl. We have new products available since July. Comments, questions and feedbacks welcome!
  10. amit11

    USB to optical/coax

    Hi Friends, Will a USB to SPDIF (optical / coaxial) convertor, change the sound signature via its output (opt/coax)? As an example, there is one such convertor 'Signstek'. It takes input as USB and outputs opt/coax and also RCA. Chip is PCM2704. Now, I am not interested in its RCA output...
  11. amit11

    Unaltered data stream to USB DAC

    Hi Friends, Is there any way to know if a USB DAC is receiving the data stream unaltered? I am asking this in context of my schiit usb dac, receiving data from a) Ipad via camera connector kit b) Android phone via app "USB Audio Player Pro". [note, I have made the setting 'bit perfect'...
  12. K

    Amp for Home - ceiling speakers

    Hi Friends I bought a house where the previous owner has installed ceiling speakers in all the rooms and have given the output at one place in the hall. The speakers are Byford Audio CH705/5 with power 10W/100V and individual controls in all the rooms. I want to buy an AMP preferably...
  13. A

    Micromax 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV (50V8550FHD)

    Hi, I bought a new Micromax LED TV (full details in the title). I am facing an issue in playing movies through USB. The TV is able to read the USB files and run it as well. However, the video size is quite small (equal to a laptop screen). I want video to run on full screen. There is no...
  14. V

    USB Cable Length Problem

    Hello everyone, I have KEF LS50 speakers connected to Cambridge Azur 651A amplifier. I am listening music via my Macbook and through a USB cable connected to the amplifier. I want to use my Macbook at 7-8 meters away from the amplifier without loosing any sound quality so I need a solution...
  15. eddie_fox

    Wanted USB to SPDIF converter

    Hi all, Looking for a decent USB to SPDIF converter below 15K INR. (Preferably co-ax cable will be a part of the package) Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  16. amit11

    Clicks and pops from USB DAC

    Hi Friends, Today for the first time I tried my Schiit Modi Multibit DAC with USB. For that I connected my android mobile via OTG cable. It sounded good but there were clicks and pops in the sound. I tried on my mobile playing with music app, youtube and saavn but all had the clicks and pops...
  17. A

    For Sale Esoteric SACD Player (original owner)

    Hi, I am putting up for sale my Esoteric SA-50 SACD player. I am the original owner and bought it about two years ago. It is in perfect working condition. It also functions as a DAC and preamplifier. It has a digital out as well so it can also be used as a high grade transport if desired...
  18. Jeanpher

    Wanted Decent DAC with USB input

    I am in need of a decent DAC with USB input as my source is Laptop and supports Digital input word widths supported: 16-24bit Digital input sampling frequencies supported: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz Via USB I currently using DAC form AVR Denon X2000 and I am expecting...
  19. P

    USB reader (can play MP3) with FM radio receiver and remote control for just Rs.150 !

    Hi FM, While at SP road (Bangalore) today to purchase some speaker drivers and cables, I just chanced upon this fantastic assembled kit: it has three input ports (USB for MP3 playback, Aux, and one more which looks like an SD card slot - it reads "TF") and an inbuilt FM receiver. Output is...
  20. J

    Dvd player with HDMI out and usb 5.1 playback

    hi i want to purchase a dvd player with hdmi out put and it should play 1080p movies with 5.1 channel audio from usb. So that i can connect a hard disk or pen drive to the dvd to enjoy dts movies with my 5.1 sound system and FullHD tv. Thanks in advance.