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  1. J

    Oppo 105 USB Computer Audio performance using USB DAC input.

    Friends, After using my Oppo-105 for almost 8 months, I tried the computer USB audio through Oppo-105 for the first time today. A friend of mine came along and he had some music in his windows laptop. We played the music (24/192 HD) through VLC player and connected the laptop to Oppo-105...
  2. S

    can i use ipod in Philips MCD135/51 ?

    hi planning to buy philips mcd 135/31. Can i use ipod touch via usb in this model ? if i can, will the remote work when ipod is connected ? thanks Sridhar
  3. V

    DAC less then 50$

    Hi, I am looking for a DAC to connect my laptop to my Topping TP20, It should also have a good headphone amp to drive my SOL republic tracks HD headphone. I am not looking at anything very expensive. I saw a few in ebay under the 50$ budget but need help in choosing/suggesting me. ELE EL-D02...
  4. ganendra

    Extending technique of usb ports

    I think that one can use an USB Hub to extend their USB ports of their Television. :yahoo: Am I right?
  5. soulforged

    Wanted Yet another USB DAC wanted post!!!

    Hi, Here's yet another DAC wanted post...in fact the second from me... I am looking for a good DAC with USB input that I can use for both computer audio as well as CD playback. Should support 24/96 or higher on USB. Anything along the lines of Wyred4Sound, Bursen, Benchmark. Budget is...
  6. Santy

    Seagate Wireless HDD

    Seagate Wireless Plus Should be great for streaming audio/video files to different devices over wifi. Sold for 199 USD for 1 TB in US. In India priced at Rs. 16000 MRP I guess? Quite steep.
  7. Santy

    USB vs SATA performance of HDD

    I wanted to know if I will have a significant speed advantage of connecting my 2TB Seagate USB 2.0 HDD directly to SATA on my PC. I never carried the drive away from the rack so I was wondering by doing so, if I could (1) gain some speed (if possible) (2) save a USB port (3) avoid power...
  8. H

    Toshiba 32L2200U USB movie files

    Hello there, Recently I bought I HDTV Toshiba 32L2200U and I was expecting to watch movies using a pen drive through the USB port, but when I conected the drive, the TV didn't recognize any movie file on it. Does any one know if I can do that? I have a LG that I can do that, so I wonder if is...
  9. R

    Question about SONY EX650 LED TV

    Does it support subtitle files when a video from USB is played?
  10. haisaikat

    Good SMPS or Good UPS for DIY Home NAS

    Hi All, I am on lookout for long for DIY NAS build for selecting different components, now I am at the last stage and that is selecting the prower supply. Since I plan to create a windows based NAS hence I think it would be better to have a UPS based power backup for the NAS PC. So I looked up...
  11. haisaikat

    Dish TV launches USB recording on existing HD STB via firmware upgrade

    All, Dishtv has launched a new feature by which via normal software upgrade the existing HD set top boxes would be recording capable and that too on a USB drive that can be connected to the existing USB port at the back of the STB. The recording option needs to be activated via SMS one time...
  12. R

    Handycam Firewire to Laptop USB convertor (not PCMCIA based)

    Hi All, Have been looking for a solution since almost 6 months both in US and India, but havent had any luck. Short Story: Need a convertor that can connect my Handy cam firewire out to my laptop USB 3.0/USB2.0 in. My laptop doesnot have a PCMCIA slot or a firewire port (IEEE1394...
  13. I

    USB Speakers for Laptop

    Hellow, I am new to this place and would like to get expert suggestions to get best USB Speaker system for quality output from Laptop, HP Pavillion Series.
  14. baijuxavior

    For Sale Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB sound card

    I'm putting my 6 month old Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB sound card for sale. The product is in mint condition. It has been used only rarely for watching movies. Product description - This is an external sound card which is useful for laptops and pc to get 5.1 sound. It works on USB and no...
  15. S

    problems in usb playback on sammy 6 series

    hi guys, i have bought a samsung c630 LCD 2 months back and i have been enjoying the tv very well.but very recently i have been experiencing problem in usb playback.when ever i connect my 500 GB hdd the tv get restarted instantly after i plug in the hdd.and also it get disconnected after every...
  16. H

    USB capabilities of LG PJ350

    Hi, I recently purchased LG PJ350 Plasma. I can play DVD files and other low res videos using an external USB drive, but it won't play 720 p/i or 1080 p/i videos on the USB. Is anyone aware what the exact capabilities of pj350 are on playing files through USB.
  17. S

    Usb dac

    Looking for a USB DAC that can handle up to 24/128 or a minimum of 24/96 atleast.
  18. A

    DVD Player USB port and Hard Disk access

    Hi all Very informative site. Great going guys. I own many Panasonic products and I bought this home theater system SA-PT150 last year and its great so far. This model comes with a USB port as well which reads pen drives of 4 GB (I havent tried higher capacity ones yet) but when I connect...
  19. A

    Question about Qinpu A2 amplifier

    I read the specs for the Qinpu A2 and it has a flash disk and SD/MMC card reader function. It seems like the amp has a built in DAC My question is, would you be able to feed it with a USB out from your laptop? If you could, it would be an ultimate VFM DAC + AMP combination.