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used integrated amplifier

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. S

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier or Pre Power Amplifier Used with good condition

    Hello there! I am looking for a Pre-owned 2 Channel Amplifier. Considering the quality I will be ok with Pre power or an integrated amplifier as well. 20k, to 40k or even 40k to 70k. There is a reason why I have mentioned 2 budget bracket in the case of no ideal deal I can consider buying...
  2. Jeanpher

    Integrated Amplifier for stereo setup

    I have Paradigm Monitor 11 v7 Floor stander used with Denon X2000 AVR, Now planning to make a stereo setup with it. i think this AVR is underrated for this floor stander So please suggest a Good integrated amplifier with pre-out and drive this Floor stander at full potential. Well maintained...
  3. L

    Wanted Integrated amp and 2 floorstanders

    Am seriously looking for an integrated amp, preferable Norge 2060 or Mosfet 2000, 100 W or above rms per channel in 8 ohms, and a pair of floorstanders. This set up is for my home mainly for 80% music and maybe a movie sometime. Need clarity of sound and good soundstaging. Anyone upgrading can...
  4. Vijay_s

    Wanted Stereo Amp or receiver to Drive Focal 816

    Keeping my AVR for listening music is contributing too much to the electricity bill. So I am planning to go for a Integrated amp + DAC or an amp with DAC. If used AMP not available then I am planning to go for Onkyo 8050 which full fill my requirement.
  5. S

    Used Integrated amplifier Pls Help

    Hello Members, I have come accros many used integrated amplifier such as Denon PMA-860, Technics SU-V6/8, NAD 3020, Rotel 931, Luxman 100, Yahaha A-492/950, each priced @ 6-10 K. I could find some information @ Rotel, Nad, Technics but nothing @ Denon & Yamaha and Luxman. Offcourse I will...