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usher s520

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. V

    Taming tweeter brightness....the non destructive tweak on Usher S520

    I recently setup a stereo system after carefully considering each individual components. This was going to be my 4th stereo setup and I wanted to avoid all the mistakes I had done before. Also, I was more sure about the kind of music I listen to and about my sound preferences. So, finally I...
  2. A

    Another happy owner of Usher speakers

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my experience. Recently bought Usher S520 speakers. Wonderful speakers. nice build quality. I think it is a great value buy. Preferred them over wharfedale 9.1, PSB M25, MA Silver. I got them from ARN Banglore. I got them shipped to pune. Overall experience of...
  3. A

    amp for Usher S520 speakers

    Hi folks, first of all wish you a happy new year. I am looking for NAD amp for my new Usher S520 speakers. Need some help to figure this out. This is my first hi-fi setup and I am quite new to all this. NAD - 315BEE or 326BEE Do I need 326 here or 315 would give sufficient power. My...
  4. psychotropic

    Favourite speakers under INR 20k

    This thread is only marginally related to my potential purchase in the future (but yes I am hoping to find it useful), but it would be interested to know what people's views are on their personal favourite pair of speakers available for Rs. 20,000 or less. I know that this is subjective and...