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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. H

    Wanted Looking for Used Usher bookshelf Speaker

    Dear All I am looking for Used Usher Bookshelf speakers My budget will be 30k.Let me know if any PM have one for sale.;)
  2. P

    Amplifier suggestions for tiny dancers

    Hi All, I've planned on moving from mostly iems and headphones to a stereo setup for a while now. Took the plunge and purchased a pair of tiny dancers. Having blown more than i anticipated on these, i am now looking for a reasonable amplifier to drive them. The source is going to be a...
  3. A

    Usher Audio V601

    On a recent chance visit to Landmark, I bought some cheap back issues of Stereophile and hifi+ as bathroom reading material. Soon enough I started crawling the internetz for a head-fi setup to bypass some of the inconveniences of a stereo setup, but I was easily confused & discouraged by a...
  4. B

    Good asking price for Arcam A85, Usher S520?

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I'm going to try and sell my amp and speakers. I'm wondering what a good asking price would be. Amp: Arcam A85 integrated (two pairs of speakers; pre-out and post-in available; full-function remote). I used it for a year and a half; it has scratches...
  5. psychotropic

    For Sale Usher S520 and NAD C320BEE

    Usher S520 - Some background As you will know from my thread on the best speakers under 20k, I found the Usher S520s (that cost anywhere between 22k and 24k depending on your bargaining skills) to so far outclass anything under 20k that I decided to go in for them. They are superbly...