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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. haisaikat

    Vintage Valve Radio at Sarat Chandra Kuthi

    Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, eminent Bengali writer of the pre-independence era, is known for several of his wonderful creations, one of the most notable of them being Devdas. He had built a house in 1923 on the Banks of river Rupnarayan in the Samta village of Howrah district of Bengal. The...
  2. R

    Wanted Old, distressed, non-working, "dead" valve (vacuum tube) power and/or pre-amp/s for ground up restoration and eventual listening pleasure

    Hello fellow forum members - here I go again - the veritable "needle in a hay stack" type of quest and pursuit ! This time, I'd like to try my luck (or, rather, the lack of it !) by inquiring if any of you yourselves have or might know someone that has truly vintage (from the 1950s-60s-70s)...
  3. A

    Tube reviews in an amp

    Hi I decided to post my views and experiences with rolling different tubes. When I first started I had no idea about any tubes but over the past several months I have studied them and had the chance to own a few nos tubes as well. This article is posted here to make it easier for anyone else to...
  4. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Haltron EL34 Valve (NOS)

    Up for sell this rare NOS Tesla Construction NOS Haltron EL34 valve, Tesla is known for its superb quality and tonality. Not easy find this in NOS condition, dont miss this oppotunity. Also,up for NOS United Electric/ Ratheon 5763 tubes, this are rare to find with original box. Cosmetic...
  5. sumanhomroy

    For Sale 6n8s /6sn7 /1578/ russian melz tubes / metal base

    Up for sell 6N8S /6SN7 /1578/ RUSSIAN MELZ TUBES / METAL BASE- Name: 6N8S Type: Double triode Application: LF voltage amplification Cathode type: oxide,indirect heating Envelope: glass Filament voltage, V: 6,3 Filament current, A: 0,55-0,65 Anode voltage, V: 250 Anode current, A...
  6. sumanhomroy

    valves/ tubes you have in your collection- lets showcase

    Lets start with all power tube's- 1. 6V6 2. EL84 3. EL34 4. 6L6 5. KT66 6. KT88 Please add more whatever you want to showcase...let us see the treasures..
  7. S

    Hybrid Amplifier - Tube + SS

    Hi All, I have been looking for an Integrated / Power Amp for my set up which will have Oppo BDP-105 as Source / Pre and AG Strada with B&W ASW608 sub. Currently my top on the list is a Hybrid Amplifier (with vacuum tubes in Input stages and SS in Output stages). I had Pathos Inpol2 (best...
  8. T

    Lyrita tube amplifier

    It was a lazy Thursday afternoon in Chennai and I was parked a few yards in front of Park Sheraton in Alwarpet - waiting. The late afternoon was lazy for me if not for the bustling Chennai crowd which was busy getting wherever it gets to amidst all the indescribably messy traffic. I had cut out...