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velodyne subwoofer

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  1. K

    what would u recommend- Dali Vs Klipsch

    hi to all audio guru's. plz help me decide speakers for living room before i start audition in the weeks to come in chennai. plz help me find the right setup. room size - 18 ft * 22 ft usage - 80% movies & 20% music budget 1.2 L future proof esthetic appearance of speakers is also...
  2. prepress

    Klipsch SW-450 or Velodyne EQ-Max 15

    Hi Friends, I want to buy a subwoofer and I have two options in mind to consider. Klipsch SW-450 or Velodyne EQ-Max 15 Both brands are available in my city and thinking to buy the best one. Here I can get few more brands for sub like Yamaha, Mission, JBL (150P), Wharfedale. Please...
  3. utkarsh

    Velodyne Impact 10 poor performance

    Hi All, I just got an Velodyne Impact 10 and overall im not satisfied with the performance :mad:. I can't listen any thump while playing mp3 & Flac songs. Bass improves when feeding with DTS and Dolby Digital but not upto my taste. I have read some good reviews for Velodyne Impact here...
  4. utkarsh

    Y-adapter for subwoofer?

    Hey all, I just picked up a Velodyne Impact Sub today to hook up to my Marantz Sr5005 receiver. The receiver has a mono subwoofer out but the subwoofer has a stereo input. I've heard some people say to use a mono cable and just hook it into either the left or right input on the sub and others...
  5. R

    Velodyne subwoofer impact 12 - my first impressions

    Got a chance to try out my impact-12 over the weekend. Tried various combinations (with SW volume, phase, LFE setup, Cross over) and found that the following suited the best to my listening ears to match my speakers. This config/placement didnt give a boomy effect (inline with my liking) and...