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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. F

    boston acoustics xs1 vs custom setup.

    Hi, I have to make a big decision today. I see that hifimart has boston acoustics xs1 listed for 23.9k INR. I do not have the time/facility to audition these speakers, so I need quick opinions/advice from you guys. I understand that these are 5 star speakers and the price tag on...
  2. M

    Simple DIY Speakers guidance- Totally Indian

    I have been looking at the various posts on hifivision for some time now and liked the concept of DIY ..... However when it comes to Indian DIY efforts I have some observations ... My views here are all keeping in mind a single theme - Good Quality, Low Price and Indian made products ...
  3. R

    Entry level 32" LCD

    Dear denizens of HFV, I have trawled through the archives as much as I could, but still have a few questions about an entry level LCD. I need it for my father in-law, who being retired, is an avid TV watcher. Key requirements: 1. Quality/reliability - the TV must not break down or have...
  4. F

    Does pairing a good AV receiver matter more to a HTS than having excellent speakers?

    Ok.. so.. I've pretty much reached the apex of frustration in my search for buying a Home Theatre. Here's why: 1) The Top 10 AV receivers (denon 2311& etc/ onkyo sr608/9 / yamaha's rx-v series) of yesteryear are either unavailable here or they are outrageously overpriced. For instance, Yamaha's...
  5. A

    Question about Qinpu A2 amplifier

    I read the specs for the Qinpu A2 and it has a flash disk and SD/MMC card reader function. It seems like the amp has a built in DAC My question is, would you be able to feed it with a USB out from your laptop? If you could, it would be an ultimate VFM DAC + AMP combination.