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  1. R

    HD movies palying issue in Micromax 40T2820FHD

    Hi, I have purchased a Micromax 40T2820FHD. I am unable to play MKV format movies via USB port as this format is unsupported. Also most of the MP4 files plays without audio. Unfortunately 99% HD movies are available in MKV format. The micromax technician tried to update the USB software, but...
  2. V

    Suggestions required for a 3000+ lm projector.

    Hi Guys, :) My name is Vinay and I am new to these forums. I need your full fledged support in selecting a projector. Am planning to donate a new projector to an old age home for video viewing and some rare PowerPoint ppts. I have done my homework, but I still know anything about them. :D...
  3. noblejose

    Kodi video distorsion; help please.

    Hello, I'm running Kodi in my Dell Precision workstation class laptop (i7, 16GiG Ram, 2GB nVidea); took the hdmi out to my onkyo AVR and AVR out to my TV. Problem: I'm getting a blurred/distorted image area horizontally - though the entire width of TV. The distorted area is around 2" hight...
  4. haisaikat

    Need suggestion on projector

    Need some suggestions on projector. My company wants to donate a projector to one NGO who wants to use it for mostly displaying presentations and occasionally some educational videos. The max budget is Rs 50,000 and the need is for a easily maintainable and sturdy projector assuming the same...
  5. Rupam

    Do you know how vinyl records are made ?

    Here are some videos showing How vinyl records are made. One thing is apparent from these videos .... its the art of precision. Enjoy> Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUGRRUecBik Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=IReDh9ec_rk&NR=1...
  6. H

    Home Electronics Show 2012

    Home Electronics Show 2012 (HES-New Delhi) would be India's biggest ever International Exhibition on Consumer Electronics, ICT & Digital Lifestyle. The Mega Show is scheduled from 26-28 October 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. Consumer electronic trade shows like the International...
  7. R

    Hi from Rajeev

    Hi all, Have been a music lover for a very long time. Used to make my own amps & speakers at one time. Recently upgraded from an Enbee pre+power amp to a Pioneer VSX-1121K. My current setup is: Pioneer VSX-1121K, polk PSW550 sub, Bose 301 fronts, Bic fh-6lcr centre, polk monitor 30 surround...
  8. S

    Magnum Dynalab ST-2 vertical omnidirectional FM antenna

    I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 335 for which I had paid Rs. 40,000. (Ouch!) The surround processor got damaged a year back and the amp was lying dead. I bought a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 vertical omnidirectional FM antenna after much researchand I got a wonderful surprise. The reception is perfect and...
  9. unleash_me

    Video: HiFi Enthusiasts

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a single thread where all of us can chip in with the videos we can find online which relates to our common hobby. Here are a few from my bookmarks - YouTube - Greek Audiophile YouTube - Marantz brand director Ken Ishiwata YouTube - Peter...
  10. M

    JVC - LCDs

    Hey @LL Do anyone has any news on JVC launch with Dealers in India... I recently spoke to there Regional Manager, and he told me that they have dealers, round the bangalore, but i didnt found it in any of the big showrooms like, Adishwars, Unilet, Pai, Girias, Modern World or Griha...
  11. M

    Jamo & Sherwood

    Hey Guyz... Did you all had a look at the latest Croma Magazine... The combination of Jamo Speakers with the Sherwood Amp... What is Jamo upto... Aren't they spoiling the brand by dropping the prices in the market...??? What are your comments on the same... Please even mark up...
  12. M

    Best LCD Panels !!! Price vs Quality !!!

    Dear Friends As everyone knows, AV market today is flooded with LCD Panels, and are available in various sizes, with different brand names... But, which one is best, which one to choose and for what purpose...??? Mentioned below are few shortlisted Brands, basically OEMs, that are...
  13. M

    Best Plasma Panels - Quality wise Only

    Dear Friends There are a lot many players in market for Flat Panels, but the foremost and the best OEM's in market are still the pioneers in Plasma Panels... 1). Pioneer 2). Hitachi 3). NEC 4). Panasonic These are the ratings they stood up, from ages, and no other apart from these 4...