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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. V

    suggestion Videocon crystal 55 UHD vnv55q549sa

    Hi Guys can anyone please give suggestions on the above mentioned TV.what kind of 4K Content will I be able to play on it and does it upscale HD content. Anyone using it or any idea would be helpful Thanks
  2. M

    Airtel Internet TV

    Airtel has launched new STB, which is basically Android TV. So once connected to your wifi/Ethernet, you can do all sorts of things - youtube, Netflix, Chromecast/google cast. They are also in negotiation to bring amazon prime. As part of introductory offer, STV+12 months of all channels...
  3. J

    Videocon d2h Antenna replacement

    I had recently shifted to a new rented house (2nd floor of 10 floor). Because my owner insisted on not drilling anywhere in the house, I planned to install the d2h antenna on the roof. The installation guy who came said my antenna is heavily bent and is doubtful about the reception. He showed...
  4. V

    Videocon Liquid Luminous TV

    Any idea about Liquid Luminous tech? Is it something like LCoS? https://videoconworld.com/liquid-luminous-led-tv/ Surprisingly it's being offered with 5 years warranty:)
  5. M

    looking to buy a cheap 40-50 inch LED TV

    Hello Friends, First post here. I am looking to buy a 40-50 inch LED TV from relatively cheaper brands. Looking at Micromax, VU, Videocon etc. Need suggestions on which one to go for. Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Videocon D2H HD which one to buy

    Hi All , I would like to move to videocon d2h HD with external video recording feature . There are 2 options available but wanted to know which one should i go . 1) Model 556 which is the successor of 555 2) Model 2233 which is successor of 2222 . Can you please provide me the...
  7. Holmes

    New TV or repair present one?

    Good afternoon everyone, This is my first post here:). Pardon for any mistakes. I have a decade old 21" Sony Trinitron television. Everything was fine till this Tuesday. From Tuesday evening, the tv makes a loud buzzing noise while its turned ON. I can't hear the audio properly. We...
  8. D

    Videocon D2H no dolby

    Hi Every One, Sorry this might be already answered. But i didn't find any that is why i am asking. I am using a videocon HD box ( non DVR) My set up is STB--> HDMI--> TV TV--> Optical cable --> 5.1 home theater. Now everything working fine when i am in the stereo mode. TV, home...
  9. P

    Tata Sky vs. Videocon D2H

    Hi, I'm switching to HD soon and I'd like to know what advantages Videocon provides over Tata Sky and vice versa. I'm currently using Tata Sky SD and am reasonably satisfied with their service and equipment. How would Videocon compare on this front?
  10. C

    Need help in setting up Onkyo NR609

    Hi, I am a newbie here and I need help in setting up my Onkyo NR609. 1) I need code to set up my videocon D2h satellite STB with Onkyo's remote. How do I do it? 2) I will be setting up the speakers slowly, two at a time. I am thinking of starting with a pair of pioneer SP- BS41-LR. will that...
  11. K

    Economical LCD TVs thread

    I think economical LCD TVs deserve their own thread. Most of the folks who are interested to purchase LCD TVs, but who are not perhaps willing to invest a forturne on well known brands may find this thread useful. Please post your experience / opinion about such TVs here. Here are my two...