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  1. netant

    Panasonic VIERA 2013 Comparison Chart

    I have documented the information i gathered of various LED/LCD model of Panasonic VIERA 2013, form various knowledgeable user of this forum. Im posting here so that any further member trying to collect information on the same topic will get a decent point to start get it here:- Panasonic...
  2. Q

    Tata Sky HD for Panasonic Plasma 50X30D ?

    Guys, I need advice whether to upgrade my Tata sky to Tata Sky HD. Recently bought Panasonic VIERA TH-P50X30D @ 58K in Bangalore Viewing Distance is 15 Feet . Will HD Channels look better with the viewing distance or one has to be a superman to find out the difference Please...
  3. rajanvinod

    Panasonic Viera Plasma TH-P42V20D **Xclusive Images**

    Dear Forum Members, Here are some exclusive images of my new Panasonic Viera Plasma TH-P42V20D... As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I bought this TV on 1st Feb 2011 after lot of research and help from this forum. These are images taken from my Canon 1000D camera in day light (no flash...
  4. rajanvinod

    Finally bought Panasonic Viera Plasma TH - P42V20D

    I finally bought Panasonic Viera Plasma TH-P42V20D yesterday... Thanks to HiFiVision.com and to all the members who have helped me make this important decision. When I began my hunt for a new TV set, I was quite averse to by a plasma TV. Also, most dealers would advise to go in for LCD or...
  5. rajanvinod

    Viera th-p42gt20d

    Ok, I am stuck in this classic dilemma of going in for a TV set... Shall I buy LCD or LED or Plasma... Shall I buy 2D or 3D... Shall I go for 42 or 46.... And finally, shall I buy LG or Samsung or Sony or Panasonic... Based on lot of research, I have finally narrowed down to the following 2...
  6. A

    32" LCD Tv - Panasonic LX 800C , LG Scarlet LH70 , or Sony Bravia V400

    Hi Guys, I have gone through many threads available on this forum on 32" LCD Tvs. I have visited many stores here in Pune, and am still confused about which one I should go with. Please advise. I have shortlisted following 3 - 1. Panasonic LX800 - Has 100Hz, HD Ready, Pictures etc look...
  7. N

    Panasonic Launches New 2008 Viera Range Of Plasma, LCD TVs In India

    Panasonic Launches New 2008 Viera Range Of Plasma, LCD TVs In India Panasonic has launched its 2008 Viera range of plasma and LCD televisions in India. Currently, plasma screens ranging from 42-inch to 103-inch will be offered this year. Panasonic has introduced three new plasma variants --...