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vintage speakers

  1. W

    Altec 7a 500 Speakers I dont know what they are worth

    These speakers were given to me and have been sitting, unused for 10yrs. So I decided to try and sell them. I opened the backs up and found there are JBL D130 speakers inside. 511b horn mounted on top. Components and all looks about 40yrs old or older. How might I be able to tell if the D130s...
  2. P

    For Sale Vintage Akai Mini Component HiFi system

    For sale is a very good looking and fabulous sounding Akai Mini Component System from 1981. This system made appearence in Akai 1981 catalog - at the start of the 'mini hifi revolution'. Fortunately, despite being 'mini', the quality is not compromised, just the internals designed to be more...
  3. heliumflight

    Wanted Acoustic Research Speakers

    Looking for mint condition Acoustic Research 2ax or 3ax. No dead spots on knobs at rear. Thanks :o
  4. P

    Reducing "Sibilance" from my Cosmic COVOX 4500 loudspeakers.

    Hi Folks This is a cross over of my vintage Cosmic COVOX 4500 BS speakers (in the attachment). The speaker is a three way sealed enclosed speaker with all drivers of 8 Ohms. The woofer has got polypropelene diaphragm, the midrange is paper cone & the tweeter is metal dome. I was using this...
  5. A

    Looking for vintage Technics/Infinity/JBL speakers

    as the title suggests. prefer 70s vintage, can consider 80s. am also interested in matching amp.