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vintage tt

Mogami Cables
  1. H

    New to forum - please help me!

    Hi All, I'm new to this community, and am glad to be a part of it. I have joined because I have a very persistent issue that has been confounding me for awhile now. I desperately need help diagnosing the cause! I have a vintage hi-fi set that now consists of a Marantz SR4000 receiver, a...
  2. shaunak

    The Sansui P-M7 Project

    Hey guys, Looking up old stuff in the house I found an old TT and a few lps from the 60s-80s. I cleaned up the TT and tried to power it up, but like I'd guessed, nothing. Everything seems alright (no moving parts inside) but it refuses to power up. Now I could just go get a new one but I...
  3. santhosh

    Rare Find - Pioneer PL-15 TT & Pioneer CS-15 Spks

    Look what I found!!:yahoo: Pioneer PL-15 [New in Box condition]and Pioneer CS-15 Speakers from the early of 1970's:licklips: Reading on Vinyl Engine, AudioKarma etc indicate that their Vintage is circa 1970. @Sachu888, Rajiv, Anilva, Hiten: Thanks for your advice and encouragement in this...