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  1. R

    Wanted Old, distressed, non-working, "dead" valve (vacuum tube) power and/or pre-amp/s for ground up restoration and eventual listening pleasure

    Hello fellow forum members - here I go again - the veritable "needle in a hay stack" type of quest and pursuit ! This time, I'd like to try my luck (or, rather, the lack of it !) by inquiring if any of you yourselves have or might know someone that has truly vintage (from the 1950s-60s-70s)...
  2. Danieljohn

    PD1515 NPN Bipolar Transistors & its Data !

    Good Evening Dear fellow forum Members ! I'm Searching for 1970's-80's Cosmic LAB-3000 Stereomaster Amplifier's PD1515 NPN Bipolar Transistors and its Datasheet also. I Request all Senior forum members to help me find the above mentioned Transistors & its Datasheet. Thanks in Advance ...
  3. surendar

    For Sale Sony Walkman WM-FX407 Radio Cassette Player Sealed Pack

    For sale is a Sony Walkman WM-FX407. Unused and still in blister sealed pack. The headphone sponge appears to show some sign of deterioration due to ageing which can be seen through the packing. Otherwise in great condition. This model is from year 1994. Expected price Rs 10,000/-
  4. R

    Western Electric 91A Amplifier Clone

    My next project is Western Electric 91A Amplifier (Monoblocks). I had two circuits in mind WE91A and JE Labs 300B DX Amp. Both have lot of good reviews, different design and different sound signature. I finally decided to build WE91A. I know it's frequency range is slightly narrow, but I like to...
  5. B

    For Sale [Vintage] Sealed Pack VHS cassettes pack of 2 (Made in Japan)

    Hello Friends, I would like to sell my pack of 2 VHS (For use in VCR, VCP) Cassettes. The cassettes were brought by hand from USA by a friend of mine, so Quality is quite superior than usual Chinese/Indian Made cassettes that are sold by same names. Both Products are Made in Japan. No Chinese...
  6. ketanpote69

    For Sale Pioneer PL-8 turntable in mint condition with Shure Cartridge.

    Pioneer PL-8 Turntable-Made in Japan This is a nice looking turntable. U can say this is a hidden Gem in Pioneer line up, especially the higher end turntables of this particular series. This utilise a polymer graphite tonearm it means that tonearm has excellent rigidity and resonance...
  7. S

    Help required to restore Sony MHC-RV8

    Hi friends, I recently found a Sony MHC-RV8 at my attic. And powered if on for first time after many years. The amp still looks solid and provides great sound. However when i opened the amp i found the DVD tray belts and the cassetter player belt were all melted due to long storage time. The...
  8. heliumflight

    Wanted 15" Speaker Kenwood/Pioneer/Akai/Sansui

    Hello Music Lovers, Searching for the big vintage 15" bass Speakers as the nostalgia associated with them reminds me of better days. It reminds me of my Dad. Cabinet should be intact. Woofers if untampered or not molested will be preferable but if they have, just be honest about it. I'm...
  9. B

    For Sale [Collector's Item] Casio Handheld TV Battery operated

    Hello Friends, I am selling this awesome gadget. It comes from the golden age of Casio, when things like pagers and Digital Diary were the hot stuff. This is a micro TV made by Casio. It comes with a Small Color Display. Supports VHF & UHF bands. Auto scanning. Runs on 4 AA cells (Rechargeable...
  10. B

    For Sale Film Roll camers- Pack of 3 +Carry cases

    Hello Friends, I am selling my Old Film cameras. They come from Well known brands of that era like Kodak & Olympus. The Olympus is a super-zoom model and has some extra controls. Condition- The Black cameras were working when Kept. Do not know much about history of Silver camera. I do not...
  11. surendar

    For Sale Brand New Sony Walkman Personal Cassette Player

    For sale is a brand new Sony Walkman from my collection. It is still in blister sealed condition. Model number : WM-EX150 Price : Rs 6000/- (Not negotiable) Prefer local pick up from my place. Can be shipped only to metro cities through Bluedart or FedEx at buyer's cost and risk.
  12. R

    Amplifier Switch

    Hello! Let me start by simply saying I need an amplifier switch and I don't know what that is, where to get one, or what to do with it. My father has a vintage sound system (turntable, tape deck, cd changer, huge stereo speakers) that hasn't worked in about a decade, but he won't replace it...
  13. P

    For Sale Vintage Silver Sony Components

    For sale is a vintage Sony stack from 1978-79. It is systems like these which help explain why Sony is an internationally well known brand. The build quality is great and sonic ability of each component is very very good. Although these were not top of the line Sony components in their day...
  14. P

    Akai Twins

    A while back I added another Akai TT to my collection - a midnight black AP-Q55 Quartz Lock Direct Drive It sits well along my midnight black AP-D30 which is also a direct drive. Both TTs are built very well and sound fantastic. I also like the vintage Akai design philosophy and find most...
  15. prepress

    This and That about Vinyl Records

    Hi friends, I was thinking to share something about a vinyl but couldn't find appropriate thread for the same so I thought to create a separate thread in which we can discuss anything about vinyl records. :) Just read about 16" transcription vinyl record which were used in radio stations...
  16. R

    Looking for Gramophones !

    Hi, I am looking for replica or antique gramophone in good working condition. Can anyone please suggest good place in mumbai or other city if can be purchased and at what price.. Thanks, Richi
  17. V

    Vintage Amlifier Need suggestion

    Hi All, I have to buy Vintage amplifier. Can anyone suggest me to where should i get this?
  18. ethan

    Vintage Aiwa P 30 Micro Power Amp Resto/Mod

    Alright!.. was commissioned a project on an Aiwa P 30 Power amp.The owner had shorted the output terminals of course by mistake and one of the STK 0050s blew up. Yes the amp was upgraded from a 0040 to a 0050 by the previous owner.The amp was purchased by the current owner from an audio...
  19. vinylhead

    MC Cartridge retipping help

    Hi, I have Lyra Lydian Beta MC cartridge, while cleaning my turntable the cloth got stuck to cartridge (which was not protected) and accidently the diamond tip came off and is lost. Wanted help regarding retipping experts available in india (mumbai preferable) who can retip my cartridge.
  20. P

    Wanted Kef Calinda speakers pair in great condition

    The title says it all. I need their electronics (crossovers + drivers) and their cosmetics (wood, speaker cloth) to be in great condition for speakers of this age. If you have a pair for sale, I would need a photo, description, asking price and your ability to ship these to Lucknow, UP , India...