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vinyl records

Mogami Cables
  1. P

    Wanted Vinyl records in VG or better conditions

    My music listening is 90% digital , however I wish to make a small collection of vinyl for me time for late night listening. I don't think many will part with following but in case someone is selling then I would be more than happy to buy . Alternatively PM me where can I source these from ? 1...
  2. dd.dewan

    New Delhi Vinyl Fair - Dec 14th - Hauz Khaz Village - Free Event - Records - Equipment

    Good Morning All, We are organizing a day long event on December 14th in Hauz Khaz village where record collectors, dealers, audiophiles and record labels would be coming together to trade, discuss vinyl community and perform live acts. A one day only record fair at Hauz Khas Village with a...
  3. surendar

    For Sale Pop, Rock and Country music vinyl EP/LP records

    Below lots of records for sale. Price does not include shipping cost if any. Lot 1: 3 LP records by Carpenters. UK editions. Excellent condition. Price Rs 1800/- Lot 2: 2 LP records by Alabama. US editions. Near mint condition. Price Rs 1600/- Lot 3: 2 double LP albums by Willie Nelson...
  4. surendar

    For Sale Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB turntable

    For sale is Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB entry level budget turntable. In excellent condition with all accessories in original box and packing materiels. 1) Fully automatic. 2) Operating voltage - 120V (220V -120V Voltage converter included in this sale). 3) Also included is an additional...
  5. cybervinay

    For Sale Spin-Clean Record Washer Vinyl Cleaner Pack

    I am selling this Spin-Clean Record Washer cleaner as this is not in use for some time. This works perfectly. Note that this has been used by me for some time and is not a new product. Asking Price INR 3500 shipped anywhere to India Message me if interested. --Vinay Arora
  6. surendar

    For Sale Hindi OST and 80's Pop music Vinyl LP Records

    All records in excellent to very good condition. Hairline scratches on some of them but plays fine. Sleeve condition as shown in photos. Lot 1: Price Rs 3200/- 1) Aaj Ka Goondaraaj 2) Premqaidi 3) Saatwan Aaasman 4) Sanam 5) Sharaabi 6) Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki 7) Wanted 8) Maine...
  7. surendar

    For Sale Pop/Rock vinyl LP records

    Below pop/rock vinyl LP records from my collection are for sale: 1) Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of A Madman - Like New condition - Rs 1800 2) Poison - Flesh & Blood - Near Mint - Rs 1500 3) Phil Collins - 3 albums, one in excellent condition and other 2 are brand new/sealed - Rs 4000...
  8. S

    Wanted Vinyl Records .. New or Used in Great condition

    I was recently reintroduced to Vinyl records and now enjoy listening to music on the Vinyls. Im looking for Vinyls of selected titles .. New or in good condition ( songs should not skip tracks ) for the Hindi movies and Ghazals. Some of the titles I'm looking out for are .. 1. Sagar 2. Khel...
  9. M

    Give your nostalgic Gramophone records/Audio Cassettes a complete new lease of life

    Have you still preserved your nostalgic Gramophone records/ Audio Cassettes? Are they in a reasonably good condition? We at audiorestorations offer a unique service of not only digitizing them but going a step further by working on the final audio quality, eliminating the hissing sounds...
  10. surendar

    For Sale 7" Vinyl Singles Box sets

    Hi, The below 7" vinyl boxsets from my collection are for sale. Most of them are brand new and in sealed pack as mentioned in the individual description.Shipping cost if any will be extra. 1) Coldplay The Singles 1999-2006 (Limited Edition, 15 records, Brand New/Sealed, Rs 7000)...
  11. Rupam

    Do you know how vinyl records are made ?

    Here are some videos showing How vinyl records are made. One thing is apparent from these videos .... its the art of precision. Enjoy> Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUGRRUecBik Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=IReDh9ec_rk&NR=1...
  12. R

    Hindi,Telugu Vinyl records in Chennai??

    Hi everyone, I recently got into this hobby and upgraditis has been a bug. I started with Emotiva (XDA-1)DAC and UPA 2 amplifier. The huge diffrerence in sound from my earlier set up of HK 3490 and Klipsch speakers got me hooked and been visiting forums and stereophile for what is out there...
  13. K

    Vinlyl Record Players in Mumbai

    Where can i buy a good Vinyl Record Player in Mumbai? also is there a place where i can buy cheap vinyl records?