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  1. M

    Wanted Jhoomo Re Jhoomo vinyl record [Artist - Pandit Dinesh] (India, 1985)

    This record looks very interesting going by the cover, very intrigued to hear what is inside. Please message me if you have this for sale. Trade/exchange/sale accepted. Thanks, Nishant from Bangalore .
  2. plasmoid


    Hi all...I need one of these to clean my records...anyone selling please PM me.
  3. frend2001

    English and Hindi LPs

    Dear FMs, up for sale are following LP sets : Set A : 1. Stacy Q - Better than heaven - US Press 2 Stacy Q - Hard Machine - US Press 3. Pebbles - US Press - Cover damaged 4. ABBA - Super Trouper - Indian Press...
  4. ketanpote69

    For Sale Pioneer PL-8 turntable in mint condition with Shure Cartridge.

    Pioneer PL-8 Turntable-Made in Japan This is a nice looking turntable. U can say this is a hidden Gem in Pioneer line up, especially the higher end turntables of this particular series. This utilise a polymer graphite tonearm it means that tonearm has excellent rigidity and resonance...
  5. surendar

    For Sale Old Tamil Film Music Vinyl LP Records

    Below Tamil Film Music LP record lots for sale: Lot 1: Price - 7500/- No)Title/Composer/Artist/Label/Number/Year/Disc condition/Sleeve condition 1) Aadiperukku-Hello Mr Jameendhar-Kathirundha Kangal/Viswanathan & Ramamoorthy/EMI/MFPE6578/1989/Excellent/Excellent 2) Ethirigal...
  6. M

    For Sale Vinyl Record Sets in Bangalore.

    I have an impending moving coming up and want to sell my Vinyl Collection rather than risk damaging these in storage and transportation. Prefer to sell only as sets (More to come....) Set 3: Rs. 2000 + Actual Shipping Pete Fountain - Licorice Stick Emerson Lake & Palmer - Love Beach The...
  7. G

    Forgotten audio formats: The Highway Hi-Fi

    An interesting write-up on the vinyl record player, which is worlds first in-car music system. Forgotten audio formats: The Highway Hi-Fi | Ars Technica
  8. A

    Video of Vinyl LP, CED, CD and a DVD under an electron microscope

    Hey fellas, Just wanted to share this vid i came across today by applied science where he shows a vinyl, ced, a cd and a dvd under an electron microscope and well i know people who have not seen this already will be amazed. I was surprised how wrong i was about some of the facts...
  9. N

    Into the Vinyl world!! Where to start? - absolute beginner

    Hello all! The title says it all! - Need your expert advise on starting the vinyl journey. - Need advise on a good TT to start with (Pro-Ject Debut III, carbon, with OM10, Rega.. etc comes to my mind); From where to get it at reasonable cost. Looking for New or near mint condition TT -...
  10. cybervinay

    For Sale High End Phono Cartridges for Sale, Ortofon Cadenza Red, Nagaoka MP-500, AT-Mono3/LP

    I am selling three of high end phono cartridges. I have described each cartridge condition very honestly. Review the below information and buy only if you trust me on the description. I have a good reputation and would like to maintain it. Ortofon - Cadenza Red MC Phono Cartridge I bought...
  11. A

    Vinyl Subscription services - the new trend!

    Guys, it seems that vinyl resurgence is finally reaching the Indian shores. Sourcing vinyls in India nowadays is becoming slightly easier with websites like, Grammy's 2015 Buy online Indian and International CDs, LPs, Blu-rays, DVDs and VCDs | Rhythm House The Revolver Club Online...
  12. frend2001

    Glossary - Vinyls / Phono / Turntables - Everything Under The Sun About Them

    Hi FMs In recent times there's been an pleasing uprise in vinyl lovers. But since there's been a gap of decades since vinyls have been able to make a comeback, there are a lot of questions in a Vinyl head's mind which go unanswered. Calling out to all vinyl veteran to help create a glossary...
  13. canchi

    Incredible electron microscope view of Vinyl

    Here is a video of a stylus moving on vinyl and of other storage media seen through an electron microscope. Fascinating!
  14. G

    Microscopic footage of a needle moving across the grooves of a record

    Here is the link. Watch the video embeded in the article. Microscopic footage of a needle moving across the grooves of a record | Dangerous Minds
  15. plasmoid

    Wanted Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Vinyl Lps wanted

    Looking out for records from Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Thin Lizzy, Saxon, Dio, Black Sabbath (Dio/Tony Martin era),Accept, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Rush, Jethro Tull Early pressings on black vinyl preferred.
  16. M

    Is Vinyl for me ?

    Zen Masters of the TT world, There comes a time in a mans life when he has to decide the path he has to follow. For me , it seems, the time is ripe to make that decision. I do not know if it is the need to get more out of my music or a subconscious itch that has been left untreated for years...
  17. frend2001

    Vinyls with outstanding STEREO effects

    Hi FMs On my first ever listening to a Vinyl, i was struck by the superb STEREO effects it was producing, nothing like anything. IMHO vinyl channel separation in best there is..... Kindly share names of vinyls, that has superb STEREO effects
  18. B

    For Sale Set of 14 Jethro Tull Albums on Vinyl (LP)

    I have for sale a set of 14 Jethro Tull LP's / Records / Vinyl albums that are made in the USA and in excellent condition. These are the first 14 albums from Living in the Past to Crest of a Knave. Details of the individual record and sleeve condition are indicated in the image with any...
  19. L

    Brazilian who's buying all the Vinyl Records in the World

    As the title says: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/magazine/the-brazilian-bus-magnate-whos-buying-up-all-the-worlds-vinyl-records.html
  20. R

    Tree trunk as LP?

    Read this interesting article about trunk of a tree being sliced up and put on a record player. The article describes the sound as "Hauntingly Beautiful". This will never make a standard medium but an interesting read nonetheless. Kudos to the people for trying this out. Do watch the...