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  1. amit11

    Vocals sound slightly less than the music

    Hi Friends, Recently I have bought new stereo speakers, Tannoy Mercury V4i. Amplifier is Yamaha AS500. The first pair of speakers i got, had to be replaced after listening for one month because I observed there was some tonal difference between the left and right speaker. One was more...
  2. amit11

    Center image for vocals

    Hi Friends, On my new stereo system I observed something and hence confused whether it is normal or something wrong. Center imaging for vocals is there, however this is what happens When I move my face slightly off-center to right or left by 1-2 cms, i feel the vocals are more open and...
  3. G

    Question on equalizer settings and sound quality from a newbie!

    Hello everyone 1st of all I would like to point out that I am the wrong person in the right forum!:ohyeah: When it comes to technical side of music I pretty much dont know anything so I am hoping for a little help here if its easy enough! :D So the issue is that I am not impressed...