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voltage stabilizer

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. Kannan

    For Sale 8KVA main line stabilizer

    V-Guard VGMW-800, 8 KVA mainline stabilizer. Put on the mainline and safeguard all your equipment including hifi gadgets. Wide voltage correction from 100 volt to 290 volts High Voltage Cut Off Built in Volt meters I am first buyer. Around 4 years old. Weighs 40 kgs, so shipping will be...
  2. S

    Voltage Protection

    I have got 3 doubts :- 1) I just got a new apartment few weeks back.. and I have setup separate line for (HT TV Projector XBox BDP) -> All these things I wanted to run with UPS.. so please suggest UPS alone is enough or should I put UPS + Stabilizer. If both than which should come first from...
  3. R

    BenQ W1080ST US Model to India

    Hi I recently bought BenQ W1080ST from US and currently it is on the way to India. I just need some confirmation on voltage power supply. Its already mentioned in manual that this supports 110-240V, so there shouldn't be any issues with directly using in India without any voltage...
  4. Rupam

    Does Voltage Stabilizer affect AVR performance ?

    Hi, I'm just curious to know if a Voltage Stabilizer affect AVR performance in a negative way? AV equipment needs a clean power-source. But can V-guard stabilizers provide it ?
  5. O

    Help to buy 5KVA, 3 phase servo voltage stablizer for my home

    Yesterday was ended with horrible experience in my building. In short, voltage raised to such a extent that all CFL in my house just exploded, all working devices except Plasma TV, power amp, refrigerator. Everything rated 450V too burnt with sweet smelling smoke. Few people in the building lost...
  6. S

    Surge protection queries

    I've been going through various threads on this forum- for example http://www.hifivision.com/surround-amplifiers-receivers/19792-ups-my-receiver-other-gadgets.html and have a few queries I live in a slightly god-forsaken region of Secunderabad with powercuts lasting from 30 mins - 2 hrs...