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volume suppressed

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  1. haisaikat

    One Channel sounding suppressed in Shure M97XE

    Hello All, My Shure M97XE reached almost 5 years now, very sparingly used, less than 100 record spins in my opinion. However in between for 3 years I did not use my turntable until last month I resurrected things. While the Shure played well initially but in one of the listening sessions...
  2. A

    Skull Candy Hesh2 : No vocals in

    hi could not find a suitable thread.. to ask hence starting a new one. hope someone can help with a peculiar problem I am facing. I bought a new pair of SkullCandy Hesh2 headphones.. but strangely when I play music though it, I don't get any vocals.. it's almost completely suppressed. I am...