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vu tv

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  1. T

    Anyone bought Vu cinema action TV (55LX or 65LX)

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is doing safe ! This is my first post on HiFiVision. Excited to see many experts here. I want to purchase one 55" 4k TV under 50K budget, I had finalized Toshiba U7980 because of FALD. Now as it is not in stock, I am confused between Toshiba U5050 and the new Vu cinema...
  2. S

    VU 75 Inch 4K TV - Is this a good buy?

    Hi, I am looking for a big screen TV and came across this budget prived option - Is this a good buy? What is the difference between the Pixelight range and this...
  3. MultiversalSapien

    My VU 55-OA doesn't smoothly play any 60 fps content on Youtube

    What could be the reason? I've tried both Smart and Stock YT (infact smart YT lags way more than stock in almost everything) but all 60 fps videos play with a lot of jitter and frame drops. This isn't the case when I connect my pc through HDMI, all 60 fps content plays buttery smooth there. How...
  4. V

    How to exit Burn/Aging Mode into VU 40D56575

    By mistake, I have on Burn mode into my VU Tv. I tried many steps as unplug the device, the key combination of power + volume down, also unplug the motherboard but didn't succeed. I know its not a hardware problem but VU Customer representative said we have to change the motherboard and some...
  5. A

    VU TV. Buying Extended Warranty

    Hi, I have recently bought VU 40 FHD tv. I am in dilemma with extended warranty. We can purchase warranty from VU itself and second from Jeeves. Could you suggest from buying Warranty will be good? Thanks.
  6. N

    Vu LED49D6545 3D video playback

    I bought Vu TV LED49D6545 today and hooked it up to PS3. It says that tv supports 3D but there is no indication on TV or on remote that 3D can switched on or off. Has anybody bought this TV and confirm that 3D can be played or do I need to use another remote to play 3D?
  7. V

    VU TV and clouding issue

    Hi Guys, I've a VU 55" LED TV, 10 months old, I can see clouding on four corners since about a month now. Similar to this: Black Uniformity of 2015 TVs: Clouding and Flashlighting It is visible only when no external light is present in the room at night. What is your experience about...
  8. A

    VU TV-- Should go for VU or Jeeves, for Extended Warranty??

    I recently bought a VU 40" LED, model 40D6575, from Flipkart. I want to buy 2years extended warranty plan from VU, and for that I have to do it within 30days, from the date of purchase. I am from Kolkata, all I know that in Kolkata VU doesn't have any decent service set-up; they have a...
  9. swainsoumya

    VU 32k160MREVD Review

    recently i bought the Vu 32 inch hd ready tv (Vu 32k160MREVD)for my secondary tv.I paid about 13k for the tv From online E commerce giant Flipkart. As the delivery guy Delivered tv yesterday ,I didn't opened it for installation as per Flipkart Protocols. The installation only to be done by...
  10. M

    looking to buy a cheap 40-50 inch LED TV

    Hello Friends, First post here. I am looking to buy a 40-50 inch LED TV from relatively cheaper brands. Looking at Micromax, VU, Videocon etc. Need suggestions on which one to go for. Thanks in advance.
  11. H

    vu tv

    im thinking of buying a vu tv from flipkart i just want to know if the brand is trust worthy and what about the after sales service?
  12. A

    LG or VU?

    [FONT="Arial"][SIZE="2"] Hi! Planning to buy a TV within 45k. No fancy features like 3D, WiFi, Android etc. required. Plain 1080p display panel with 2-3 USB and HDMI ports will be enough. Only fascination is for big screens. I don't watch TV channels. Will only be watching local...
  13. D

    VU TV review

    Does anyone have a review of VU 50/55 inch led tv ? I have looked in the internet but am unable to find any review . I would like a feedback about the above products from anyone who is using them. Thanks.
  14. S

    VU TVs Reviews

    Hi, I am new to this forum and was planning to buy 55 inch TV. All big brands are pricey. I have previously owned LG 55LM4700 but had to sell it since I was abroad and couldn't bring my TV due to customs charges. I enjoyed my previous TV very much since I do lot of gaming(Xbox 360) and...