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  1. D

    Budget stereo system

    I have been using computer speakers and Bluetooth speakers to listen music. Now I wanted to upgrade to a stereo music system. That's the reason I joined this forum. I have few doubts and need suggestions. 1. To my knowledge a stereo system needs a source ,stereo amplifier and bookshelf/floor...
  2. plasmoid

    Wanted Schiit Mani phono pre-amp

    Hi all...I'm looking to upgrade my present phono pre-amp. Have read a lot of great things about the Mani. Either new or used will do.
  3. J

    Wanted Looking for DACs

    Looking for a good deal on a good DAC. Particularly interested in Schiit Modi 2/ Uber/Multibit, Oppo HA2SE, something in these lines. Can also consider a really good deal on a Chord Mojo/Schiit Bifrost if some kind soul obliges me.
  4. D

    Bookshelf Speakers

    Hello, I am looking for a pair of not too expensive Bookshelf speakers preferably in Bangalore or anywhere in India who is ready to ship.
  5. I

    Wanted Phono Preamp

    Hi all, looking for a budget Phono Preamp. Something in the sub 10,000 rupee range though i might be willing to extend for something really good. Vintage is not a problem as long as it is functional and in good condition.
  6. eddie_fox

    Integrated / Pre+ power amplifier

    Hi all, Am seeking a stereo amplifier (integrated / pre+power) in the budget range of 1L - 1.5L (slightly stretchable) to match my speakers (Harbeth SHL5). This will be replacing my current amp - a Rega Brio-r, a very musical but lacking in power with just 55watts/channel at 8ohms, to ably...
  7. R

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier Marantz/NAD/Denon/Emotiva?Rotel

    Hi I'm looking for used, but a great sounding Integrated Amp for FS. Minimum 70 WPC at 8 Ohms. Budget: ~20K.
  8. V

    Wanted Phono Cartridge

    Looking for a phono cartridge suitable for a VPI Classic with JMW 10.5 arm. Unused as well as light used cartridges Preferred. Please PM me if you have one.
  9. Jeanpher

    Wanted Decent DAC with USB input

    I am in need of a decent DAC with USB input as my source is Laptop and supports Digital input word widths supported: 16-24bit Digital input sampling frequencies supported: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz Via USB I currently using DAC form AVR Denon X2000 and I am expecting...
  10. Jeanpher

    Wanted Pradigm Monitor center 1 (used or new)

    I am taking one step further in my HT setup by adding a center channel, my current components are Denon X2000 AVR with Paradigm Monitor 11 FS. In order to timber match my setup, i am looking for same series center channel, i.e., Paradigm Monitor center 1, used or new:)
  11. J

    Wanted Preamp

    Hi Looking for a decent preamp. Need something with low output impedance (sub 300ohms). Open to both tube and solid state. Budget is flexible. Would prefer something with a remote. Don't have the inclination/patience to solder so not interested in a kit. thanks
  12. Y

    Looking for amplifier in 4k-15k norge/marantz

    Looking for a stereo integrated amplifier in very good condition. Preferably norge 1000 or any marantz. Atleast 50watts x2 @ 8 ohms.
  13. K

    Stylus for classic 700 cartridge

    Need a new stylus for classic 700 cartridge. Would appreciate if anyone has one to spare.
  14. E

    Wanted Soundcard for use with ARTA

    Hi all, I am taking baby steps into the world of DIY speakers, which mandates the need for a FR measurement system. I am looking for a cheap, proven soundcard to test the waters, preferably from the below list given on ARTA website: RME Fireface UFX, UC, UCX, Fireface 800, RME Fireface...
  15. D

    Wanted Speakers

    Looking for KEF Q300 or Monitor Audio BX2 to pair with NAD D3020. Thanks.
  16. R

    Audioengine a2

    Want to buy an audioengine a2 or a2+. Please let me know if you're planning to sell one. Thanks!
  17. P

    Wanted Kef Calinda speakers pair in great condition

    The title says it all. I need their electronics (crossovers + drivers) and their cosmetics (wood, speaker cloth) to be in great condition for speakers of this age. If you have a pair for sale, I would need a photo, description, asking price and your ability to ship these to Lucknow, UP , India...
  18. A

    Subwoofer for Pioneer VSX 329

    I have Pioneer VSX329K with Boston Acoustics A25 as fronts. I want to add a subwoofer to it. What should i buy and from where Using the AVR with HTPC Room size-12 * 15 Budget 20K-25K
  19. A

    Wanted Bookshelf Speakers

    I want a pair of Bookshelves Preferably Boston Acoustics A23/Q Acoustics Q2010-2010i to match with Norge 2060 Or Other Popular Ones only with 15 cm or less width In and around Mumbai Only:)
  20. Santy

    Wanted Subwoofer

    Hi I am looking for a good subwoofer in the range of 40 to 50k. While looking at a new purchase, I thought I may find a better sub in used domain for same price. It is for mostly for movies in a 12 x 16 room, but if it is fast enough, I may well use it for stereo (less likely though)...