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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. rahulmr

    Speaker package for Marantz SR6013

    Hello All, I have a lounge of size 11x10 and after years of dreaming for a home theatre setup I am planning to buy a receiver and speaker package .A few months back I started with the denon x1500 but then going through the specs and comparisons I decided to go for the new model of denon x2600...
  2. A

    VU TV. Buying Extended Warranty

    Hi, I have recently bought VU 40 FHD tv. I am in dilemma with extended warranty. We can purchase warranty from VU itself and second from Jeeves. Could you suggest from buying Warranty will be good? Thanks.
  3. K

    Denon X1200W for 49K or X3200W for 70K?

    I might have the option of getting my hands on the Denon X3200W for 70K - fresh piece, imported, grey market, no warranty, no bill. Or I can go with the default option of Denon X1200W with authorized dealer with 1 year India warranty and bill. Which one would you choose, and why not the other?
  4. K

    Grey market imported receivers

    #7 - Grey market imported receivers Has anyone bought grey-market imported receivers from online sites, or local dealers who provide seller warranty and/or no warranty? Were there any hiccups in your experience? Who would you recommend as dealers who can supply at competitive rates to...
  5. K

    Importing receivers from the US

    #6 - Importing receivers from the US Has anyone successfully managed to import their receiver from the US? If so, how did they manage? - Did they bring it back themselves? - Did they get a friend to bring it back? - Did they have the receiver shipped directly from the seller/site? How much...
  6. ShutterX

    About the pull the trigger on Fiio X3 2nd Gen

    I have been considering one of these High res DAPs off late and have decided that the FIIO x3 2nd gen fits the bill. Here is what i want from this DAP: 1) Should play FLAC and MP3 with good sound. 2) Should have a headphone amp built in. The X3's upto 100+ohms is good enough. 3) This is...
  7. A

    Samsung 64F8500 (not repairable) - depreciated refund even though under warranty!

    Hi, I had issues with my Samsung 64F8500 where the power light would switch on but the picture wouldn't come on . The Samsung service people came three times, each time telling some or the other thing is gone and the third time, they told that panel is gone. I had the same issue about a year...
  8. G

    Samsung 75 H 6400 Warranty

    Dear All, My friend has a 75 inch Samsung tv which is about to complete 1 year. And with this the warranty shall come to an end Cost of extending warranty with Samsung additional 1 Year - 21000 additional 2 years - 42000 additional 3 years - 63000 Do you think warranty should be...
  9. G

    Suggestions wanted from AV owners

    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but what I'm about to start now is a decidedly unsexy but IMPORTANT (at least to me) topic. Many of you dudes would have spent tens of thousands or lakhs of hard-earned Rupees (or other currencies) in AV equipment. The question is, how do...
  10. nshankar

    Samsung India withdraws global warranty for TVs bought in UAE, Thailand and Singapore

    As published in Emirates 24/7... Samsung has removed free international warranty on television sets imported from the UAE and a few other countries in an effort to protect dealers there against bulk and parallel imports. According to latest available information, Indian retailers have been...
  11. A

    Are Samsung 60k TV meant to last only till warranty lasts?

    60K Samsung TV stops working 13 months after purchase- exactly a month after warranty expires. Just like that- for no reason! The Samsung Engineer takes just a minute to declare that I have to pay to replace the main PCB. Why did this happen- Well it happens, he explained matter-of-factly!. Cost...
  12. V

    No Official Warranty Coverage on imported TVs

    Beware Guys: Sony and Samsung have both said they will not provide any warranty, repair or installation support for imported sets and plan to exclude India from the purview of any international warranty coverage. Panasonic plans to charge the consumer for any component that needs to be...
  13. haisaikat

    Sony offering 25 months warranty on LCDs

    I accompanied my in-laws to Sales Emporium, Garia in Kolkata this Sunday to purchase a Sony LCD 32CX20 for final discounted price of 31K and found that on several Sony models including the one we purchased the warranty is now extended from 1 yr to 2 yrs 1 month or 25 months from purchase in...
  14. Rupam

    Sony Bravia LCD LED Extended Warranty advice

    Sony offers 2 years of Additional warranty (Its called Limited Extended warranty :lol: ) for LCDs for additional charges: For detailed pricing please visit website Extended Warranty I'm planning to buy extended warranty for my 32" LCD. Is there anyone who has availed Extended...
  15. jaivelu

    Panasonic offering 1+2 years warranty for Televisions

    Dear Friends, I want to share a very good news here. Whether its already known or not. Panasonic India is offering 1+2 years (Total 36 months) free extended warranty for their Television sets. :clapping: I have purchased Panasonic LCD Model No. TH-L42U30D on 14.10.2011. At that time the...
  16. C

    Panasonic PT-AE4000EA officially launched in India?

    I just went to the Panasonic India website and saw this: PT-AE4000EA | Home Theatre Projector | Projector | Professional Visual | Professional AV | Products | Panasonic I guess the projector has been officially launched in India, though there have been no news reports or pricing details. I...
  17. K

    Buying a Klipsch Setup. Please help

    Dear All, This is my first post on this community. I am really looking forward for help from all you experts. I am setting up a home theater. I dont really know what to buy The setup that i am considering is: 1. RF- 52 One Pair - Front Speakers 2. RC-52 One piece - Center Speaker...