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wd live

  1. canchi

    Not getting 5.1 surround sound on WD Live

    Am not able to get 5.1 surround sound from my wd live. I stream files from my hdd. Source file has 5.1 sound DTS usually, my denon 1911 says stereo sound, but sound is usually 2.1. Have enabled digital audio pass thru hdmi on my WD Live.No sound from the surrounds.Artificially enhancing the...
  2. S

    Setup WD Live Plus with Home Theatre: Need Help

    Hi Guys, Recently i have bought one Panasonic PT-480 and WD Live Plus. My home theatre is already connected with my 21" TV using Composite AV cable(AUX). I need to connect my WD Live Plus with this setup. Currently i could connect WD Live using Composite AV cable to the TV. And i am...