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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. M

    For Sale Almost new WDTV Live Media Player (Bought in Aug'2014)

    Hi guys, I bought a WDTV out of curiosity from ebay on 4th August, 2014 which was delivered to me on 12th August, 2014. I used it only once to check things and since then it is lying packed in the box. I have invoice and it is covered with Indian warranty. Price expected: Rs.6,800...
  2. H

    Asus HD2 vs HD Mini Plus vs wd TV Live and NAS query

    Hey Guys! Been wrestling over which HD media player to go in for. Been browsing through the Forum, and gotten a lot of reviews for the Asus mini. However, since most of the movies i currently watch are BRRIPS, a media player with wifi or ethernet is what i want to go for. Budget...
  3. Y

    WDTV Live - No HDMI

    Today while watching some movie,, the current went off and the WDTV Live and TV switched to Inverter power supply.. But after the WDTV Restarted,, there s no output from the HDMI output,,. I tried using the AV (Analog out) and there is output on the TV... Went to Settings ->Audio Video-> it...
  4. S

    WD TV Live ?

    Hi Guys, I am interested in buying WDTV Live. CAn anyone guide me as to from where can i get it in NCR. (Name and contact info plz). If possible also let me know the expected/negotiated prices. Kindly Help. Thx and Rgrds
  5. S

    WDTV HDMI input is not recognized by Samsung Plasma TV

    Hi Guys, I bought WDTV Live 5-6 months back and HDMI cable about a month back, since then I am trying to play media thorough HDMI in TV it displays message "Source not connected/recognized". mine is Samsung plasma tv I tried various things like switching off/on the WDTV and TV...
  6. Raghav

    Xtreamer / WDTV Live / Popbox / AC Ryan Playon HD Mini

    I have been reading the online forums and the websites of the devices trying to garner information about the various new media playing devices. However, one tends to get lost in a sea of information and views. Number of questions are unanswered as many points confusing to someone new to this. I...
  7. madbullram

    WD TV vs Oppo DVDp vs Philips 4750

    Finally, Venkat and I got time to do the Oppo vs WD TV vs Philips 4750 PQ test. Venkat, a polymath, whom I was expecting to have a lot of grey hair and old, turned to be very very young gentleman not at heart but also in the looks department. My mom is still grappling with disbelief that...