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  1. Alfahath

    For Sale WHARFEDALE CRYSTAL 4C centre speaker and 4.1 surround bookshelf

    Reason for sale : Bought a ELAC on wall series package . which will be going behind my screen. Price: 35k INCLUDING the center and bookshelf speaker ,OR 20k for the centre speakers and 15k for the bookshelf seperately. i'm from chennai, Would prefer local pickup, but I can ship it too...
  2. Alfahath

    my hometheatre setup :)

    HELLO members of hifi vision , after going through a long research i finally setup a home theatre at my place. thank you soo much for the people who helped me and encouraged me to do this theatre. im sharing my setup pictures below. its a late post though, its been a month since i set it up...
  3. M

    First Time Buyer Bookshelf Speakers+Amplifier Recommendation Needed.

    Hello everyone, I am an absolute new entrant in the Hi-fi Audio world and to say that I am flummoxed by choices and terminologies would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I have a budget of 30K to make an entry as of now. ( I can invest more but with keeping in mind the law of diminishing...
  4. R

    Floorstanders under Rs. 50000

    Hello Experts I'm looking forward to stepping into the world of good sound and shortlisting good FS' under 50K INR. I'm the nomadic type and change residence every two years so I don't want to limit myself to BS, meant for smaller rooms. Moreover, I like the way FS sound over BS any day...
  5. M

    Wanted Wharfedale Diamond 9.2/9.1

    I am in the process of building my stereo setup. Right now I am using typical 5.1 setup and now move onto stereo setup. I came to know that Wharfedale 9.2 being the best VFM. Thanks to @FLASH for valuable inputs. I am based out of Pune and if someone has these speakers for sale, do PM me.
  6. H

    PSB or Wharfedale

    Hey! I havent yet auditioned these... but am considering these as fronts for the 1611. PSB Image B15 Wharfedale 10.1 Hope to be able check out Monitor Audio as well. Will give updates on my experiences over the next few weeks.