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wharfedale 9.5

Home Theatre Systems
  1. atozguy

    For Sale Sparingly used Stereo System with Floorstanders

    Hi, Up for sale is my Stereo System: 1. Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 Floorstanders (Black) Purchased from HiFiMart, Mumbai. Used for less than 100 Hours. Comes with DAC Gold Banana Plug (Set of 2 Pairs) and DAC 14 swg cables. For detailed review and specs you can visit...
  2. Y

    Wharfedale 9.5 with PM6003

    Hii I want to purchase Wharfes 9.5.... Well missed vinod_david sir s CA amp.. which was a powerful one though.. As i am on tight budget ,, I want to decide between these 2 amps. Marantz PM6003 (In grey its abt 16000) or Denon PM 710 (20+) my point is that,, whether as a stereo amp will...
  3. T

    my experience in setting up 5.1 HT with one lakh budget

    Friends, I am new to this world of speakers and HT. However, for very long had in mind, to set up a decent HT system for my living room. First step towards that was taken when I bought LG 42 HD LED TV about 8 months back. Next step is to buy a good 5.1 speaker system. I have set about that...
  4. N

    DENON 500AE + Wharfedale 9.5 is it missing something.

    Hi All, I am very new to HiFi. I used to listen music (mostly mp3 128kbps - 320kbps) on computer using Senheiser mx300 ear phones which used to give very clean and good sound. I wanted to buy a music system with similar quality to use seperated (with out computer). So I went to a shop...
  5. J

    Wharfedale 9.5 with Denon 1910

    Dear all, Has anyone paired Wharf 9.5 with Denon 1910? I am seriously considering Wharfs 9.5 FS as my fronts. I took an audition today of Wharfs 9.5 at Vector System Bangalore. They paired Wharf 9.5 with Onkyo 702 and an old Yamaha. In both cases the speakers were sounding harsh / bright...