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  1. eabhishek

    Wharfedale Linton Heritage available for audition in BLR

    Fellow FMs in BLR, Linton Heritage can be auditioned at Star Audio Video Solutions, Austin Town, BLR. Pls hit up Lokesh. Kshitij (Designer Audio, Mumbai) and I spoke and he kindly designated Star AV for Wharfedale products. Lokesh is easy-going, helpful and extremely savvy. He has been in the...
  2. V

    SOLD Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf speakers

    Putting up my Wharfedale Diamond 225 for sale. I bought them around 2 years ago. Have 3 other speakers (Harbeth, Spendor, Genelec) because of which this isn't getting used. Very organic, true sound. Works well with budget amps and dacs but also scales well with higher end electronics and amps...
  3. K

    Newbie looking for recommendations

    Hi everyone I am Krishnakumar. I am an audio enthusiast, my interest in audio has soared recently and this forum and been a trigger of sorts too. Very excited to be here. Bought a Norge 2060 yesterday and powered up a gorgeous Bose 601 from the late 70s I believe that it has been with my...
  4. V

    SOLD Wharfedale 10 inch subwoofer

    Selling a Wharfedale 10 inch subwoofer SW150. Works well for movies but quite good also for music. I used it only for music to add low end to a pair of bookshelves when listening at low volume at night. It is front firing which I prefer since I live in an apartment...
  5. V

    SOLD Price drop! : Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf speakers. Marantz PM5005

    Update: Just tried out the 225 with my newly acquired Audio Refinement Complete in a new room with a few new acoustic sound proofing blankets so I could really crank up the volume on some Iron Maiden, Metallica and Motorhead. Sublime. Withdrawing the 225 from sale. Going to be my heavy metal...
  6. P

    For Sale Sale terms updated: Onkyo TX-SR608 AVR & Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 Speakers

    Hello Folks, I'm putting up my Onkyo AVR & Wharfedale Bookshelves for sale. [Update: Price Change & OK to ship outside Bangalore] Onkyo TX-SR608 (One of the best selling AVRs from Onkyo) Product Name: Onkyo TX-SR608 7.2 AV Receiver Overall Condition: 9.5/10 Year & Place of Purchase: 2010...
  7. amit11

    3020i Q acoustics vs 225 wharfedale

    Hi Friends, I am a bit confused between Q acoustics 3020i and wharfedale 225 book shelf speakers. I was able to audition Q acoustics but not the other. For wharfedale the dealer had version 220 but he did not demo saying that is a packed piece and if they open it i would have to purchase it, so...
  8. R

    For Sale Price Dropped - Wharfedale Jade SR Rear Surround speakers (Pair) for Sale

    Hi, For sale my 1.5 years old speakers. Hardly used due to time constraints. Purchased to use for Music.. No Scratches No Dents In an Excellent condition Asking price - Rs.30000/- condition - Like new Reason for sale : Moving to new house Shipping anywhere in India at buyers risk and cost...
  9. S

    Suggestions and opinions for rock-heavy metal amps and speakers.

    Gday to everyone.I came across this forum a few days back and couldnt think of a better place to ask for suggestions for my first system that Im trying to put together.I dont own a turntable or a cdplayer,use my pc to play and stream music.A system especially for rock and heavy metal...
  10. K

    Wharfedale DX1-SE User Manual

    Hi, Could someone please send me the user manual for Wharfedale DX1-SE (5.1 speaker system)? I am able to find the one for its predecessor i.e. DX1-HCP and for the latest one too i.e. DX2. However, I need the one for DX1-SE. Kindly share the user manual pdf if you have it. Thanks.
  11. S

    For Sale Marantz NR 1604 AV Receiver and Wharfedale DX-1 7.1 Speakers

    Hi, I am selling the following items. They are very well maintained and in very good condition. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. 1. Marantz NR 1604 AV Receiver in Black Color. You can find more details and specs here Asking Price: INR 25000/- 2. Wharfedale DX-1 7.1...
  12. MaSh

    For Sale Polk Audio Bookshelf and Wharfedale Sub

    Hi, I am putting up my beloved Polk Audio Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers and the amazing Wharfedale SW150 Subwoofer. 1. Polk Audio Monitor 30: Rs. 11,000/- These are about 2 years old and in excellent condition. Below are some of its specs Color: Black Pair of bookshelf 2-way...
  13. R

    2.1 Stereo setup - relocating from Australia

    Hi all, I will be availing the Transfer of Residence (TOR) facility returning to India. Initially my main interest is for a quality 2.1 audio setup, paired with a budget amplifier and allowing bluetooth/CD source as well as traditional sources. It's meant to be a gift to my parents for...
  14. S

    Stuck with color options in Wharfedale Speakers

    I shortlisted following for my 5.1 system 1. One Pair Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 floorstanding speakers 2. Wharfedale Diamond 10.CS centre speaker 3. Wharfedale Diamond 10.DFS rear surround speakers 4. Wharfedale Diamond SW-150 Subwoofer In market I have checked everywhere only color that...
  15. M

    Wharfedale Diamond series 5.1 or Jamo s626 5.1

    Hello guys....for my receiver onkyo nr626 i have shortlisted following two 5.1 setups. usage is 60% music 40% movies. viewing distance about 10 feet. 1) Jamo S626 home theatre system with J10 subwoofer. 2) Wharfedale Diamond 230, 220c, Diamond 10.dfs (surround), + 10" sub i had almost...
  16. D

    Bookshelf speakers + Sub + Amp Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post and I wanted to get some help on what you think I should spend my money on. I currently have the Logitechs Z2300, 2.1 system with a fairly good 120W 8 inch subwoofer and 40W satellites, but I want to upgrade this setup. I've been looking at some bookshelf...
  17. G

    please Help

    Hello everyone. I am planning to buy a stereo setup with a budget of Rs 50000.I live in Hyderabad. I listen mostly Hindustani classical,Bollywood, Devotional music. I am thinking of buying Norge 1000 gold or Yamaha R- S201 . For speakers either Norge millennium or Wharfedale diamond...
  18. S

    Wharfedale DS-1

    Any thoughts on DS-1? Have a 5 star rating on Whathifi Wharfedale DS-1 review | What Hi-Fi? Seems pretty affordable but currently only available in Europe only I guess.:sad:
  19. Y

    Budget amplifier for wharfedale diamond 220s

    I purchased wharfedale diamond 220s from vector systems in hyderabad today. Im looking for a budget amp under 10k to drive them. I was told by the sales manager that norge is the way to go, but im not very educated about the hifi world and i have a few doubts. Im currently looking at the norge...
  20. M

    Please suggest a suitable 5.1 speaker system for Yamaha RX-V477 AVR

    Hello All, I am looking for a suitable 5.1 speaker system for my Yamaha RX-V477. Its an apartment and my living room is 12 X 12 - but without any wall on one side and effectively living room is extending to the separate dining area. I guess my usage of system would be 70% for movie and 30% for...