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AV Cables
  1. D

    Yamaha RX-V675 with Tannoy HTS 101 OR Wharfedale DX-1 HCP?

    After reading a bit about the specs that are specified in the brochures and trying to understand a bit to help differentiate Speaker packages, I think I've now got my mind set on the Wharfedale DX-1's vs the Tannoy HTS 101's. Especially, on Frequency Response alone, you can see that the...
  2. K

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 (Black)

    Selling my Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 Bookshelves (Black Color) Condition: In excellent condition, no scratches, etc Age: 4 years and going strong Reason for sale: Considering to upgrade to Floor Standers Partnered with: a). Marantz AVR SR5002 in Bi-Amp Mode for 4 years b). Currently with the...
  3. B

    wharfedale or boston acoustics or Polk

    Hi, After reading several threads here, I've decided to drop the idea of buying HT-in-a-box setup and instead begin creating my own HT, and for that I want to know if I should go with boston acoustics or Polk or wharfedale speakers for my Marantz NR1504 AV receiver? Or Should I also consider...
  4. K

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 10.DFS & 9.CS

    Link to pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/108440617631706105863/albums/5974594274156428641?authkey=CMSRrvqHhPPmIw Wharfedale 10.DFS Age: Purchased new on Dec 11 (~ 2yrs) Condition: Excellent Used with: Marantz SR-5002 (was used very sparingly as the setup was biased towards...
  5. R

    Replacing wharfedale 10.2 tweeter

    the tweeters in my 2 year old wharfedale 10.2 speakers are making jarring sounds now. Should I replace the tweeters? Should I bypass the Wharfedale tweeters and use external tweeters ? Any suggestions?
  6. K

    For Sale stereo setup: Marantz PM6004 amplifier and Wharfedale Evo-8 bookshelf speakers

    Hi, putting my current stereo setup for sale: item 1: Wharfedale Evo-8 version 1 bookshelf speakers: condition: 9/10, these were bought by me in the forum in May 2012 from fm denzong, when they were a year old if I remember correctly; they were hardly just about broken in then, since then...
  7. subhobh

    For Sale Wharfedale Obsidian 5.0 speaker package

    Brand :- Wharfedale Model Obsidian HCP600 (5.0 speaker package) Warranty Till:- NA MRP:- Rs 70,000/- Purchased: January, 2012 Asking price: Rs. 40,000/- Condition :- 8.5/10 (see pics) Item Location: Kolkata, India Reason for sale:- upgrading Description: 2 x 3 way front speakers 1...
  8. A

    Wharfedale dx1 hcp from UK.

    Hi Gurus, After following this forum I must say that I have gained a lot of knowledge about hi fi systems,various brands available and lots of other stuff and many thanks to all the gurus who help to resolve ppls queries. I have a query on which I need your help. My friend is coming...
  9. S

    Wharfedale 304 review

    Guys anyone has auditioned wharfedale 304 , please share reviews.
  10. S

    Looking for used speakers

    Looking for used towers /book shelf speakers less used good condition in delhi/ncr
  11. S

    Wharfedale audition in delhi

    Any idea where can I audition wharfedal range in delhi
  12. RMCWS

    Speakers (Centre) for Yamaha AVR V373 - budget 10K

    First of all I'd like to thank all the senior and experienced FMs who had help me a lot in deciding whether to go for HTiB or Separate within 30-35K and finally I have decided to settle down with Yamaha AVR V373 which I am getting at Rs.27,000/- from AV Square, Calcutta. Now I am looking for...
  13. P

    center and surround channel addition

    Hi friends , I have Marantz sr5005 with Wharfedale 9.5 standing left right channel. Planing to buy center and surround channel which goes great with this set up. Please suggest which wharfedale setup i should finalize. In center I found 10.cs good but seller recommending 9 series. For...
  14. V

    I need help to choose amplifiers for Wharfedale set i'm planning to buy

    So yeah i am new here and I SERIOUSLY NEED SOME HELP! :D So i was planning to buy 2x WHARFEDALE 10.7 and WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10 MX SUBWOOFER So what kind of amplifiers do i need? and one more question does anyone know any cheap shop to buy these from? I live in finland and i first i was...
  15. P

    Wharfedale Speaker for HT - need advice.

    Hi, I am setting up HT system (to be used for movies and music) and am looking at the following Wharfedale speakers: - 10.1 front - 10.cc center - sw150 Sub (old existing speakers for rear channel for now) Is there something I should reconsider? Would Diamond 9s make more sense...
  16. a.kr.sriv

    Wanted Preused Wharfedale vardus300

    Hi, If any of the fellow members have a wharfedale vardus 300 speakers which you want to sell then..... Well I am interested... New one costs around 21000/-, my budget is 10000/- max for them... Regards Srivastava...
  17. S

    Replacement Cloth Speaker Grill for wharfedale 9.1

    Hi all, I seem to have managed to damage the speaker cloth grill of one of my wharfedale 9.1s in a particulary rowdy party at home. Are these things even available for replacement in India? Or online elsewhere? Feeling extremely frustated everytime I look at that torn gril cloth. Any...
  18. saikatbiswas82

    Help needed from audiophiles to choose correct receiver for Polk Audio

    Hi All, I am a new joinee to Hi-Fi Vision. I need some real help from you guys to set up my first home theater. I have been reading through most of the posts of my interest here. Thanks to hifivision.com and all members for your valuable inputs/experience which helped me a lot to select my...
  19. A

    Search for first Hifi-started with Floorstanders 2012

    Hi Everyone, First day of registration and my first post. Been an avid reader of various posts here though and really loved the way this enriched me. Long way still before I move up the audiophile curve..currently at 1/10. :) Have recently started looking out for building my first Hi Fi...
  20. V

    Speaker Package Comparison

    Guys, I'm looking to buy a speaker package in the 40k - 50k range. 2 Speakers caught my eye: the Wharfedale DX1-HCP and the Paradigm CT110. I have heard the Paradigm ones myself and loved the clarity of sound. The Wharfedale speaker package is in my thoughts since it is highly recommended in...