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what should i buy?

  1. saurabhpach

    Any particular Luxman Cassette Deck to Avoid?

    My friend is out and about in Sweden. There is a Luxman K-5 cassette deck with analog VU meters for sale at a local store. Surprised by the low price point considering that generally you need to sell a kidney for Luxman Ampifiers. Are there any specific Luxman Models which one would avoid? 1...
  2. M

    First Time Buyer Bookshelf Speakers+Amplifier Recommendation Needed.

    Hello everyone, I am an absolute new entrant in the Hi-fi Audio world and to say that I am flummoxed by choices and terminologies would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I have a budget of 30K to make an entry as of now. ( I can invest more but with keeping in mind the law of diminishing...
  3. N

    Polk RTiA5 or TAGA Harmony Platinum F-120?

    Hi, I am unable to decide between the Polk RTiA5 and the TAGA Harmony F-120 floor standers. The AVR is a Denon AVR-X1200. Prefer a sound that is not too harsh on the highs, with clear mid and lows, punchy bass too. Requesting the experts to help me out!!
  4. S

    Yamaha YHT 299 vs Yamaha YHT 399UBL

    I have narrowed down my search for Yamaha HTiB but don't know which one to buy between 299 and 399 as rates are similar. Any suggestions are most welcome. I have 147 sq feet small room and usage is 60% movies and 40% music.
  5. S

    Please suggest for new Home Theater setup

    Hi Folks, Please help me in making decision for new Home Theater for my new flat. I am basically looking for surround sound system (dolby 5.1). My usage is 60% movies (downloaded from piratebay, HD DTH) + 40 % music (mp3 downloaded from songs.pk). Right now I am having: 1) Sony Bravia EX 52...
  6. S

    Help trying to find External WiFi Receiver With 4 Ethernet Port? ?

    Hai, I have D-Link(Model. No DSL-2750U) Wifi modem in my house. I am looking for an external Wireless Receiver with an 4Ethernet port. This way I can hook my Panasonic Led Tv(TH-L32D25D), Tata Sky Hd, and Sony Blu-Ray(bdp_S1100) and i also plan to buy Yamaha AV475. So Pls kindly suggest good...
  7. G

    Which Denon AVR for Klipsch RF62

    I am looking to buy the Klipsch RF 62, RC 52 and RS 42 for my 5.1 HT setup. I have short listed Denon avr 2113 & 2313. Which one of these would you suggest? Should I go for Marantz AVR. Also suggest for the SUB. My budget is 2 to 2.5 lacs. Room size : 15' by 20' Average listining...