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what should i buy

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. S

    Need flr speakers + amp + rest for 1 Lakh (a little more can do)

    Hi, This is my first post. I’m a first time buyer. My budget is about 1 Lakh (can stretch a little / only if significant difference in quality etc.) I want to buy a 2.0 ( or 2.1) floorstanding soeakers + amp (amp or receiver, I don’t know - kindly suggest) and the works, please I have heard...
  2. D

    Home theatre under 50000

    Hi, I am looking to buy a home theatre system for my home. I am not an audiophile and found out there are difference between HITB and getting all components separate (so you can guess how nave I am with this). Folks please advice me what is more advisable and suggest some good combinations...
  3. C

    Denon 720 ae amp + 720 ae CD player-Good choice?

    Hi FM's, I recently joined the forum and have been a regular visitor since. My taste in music Classic Rock - 50% Heavy Metal - 10% Indian contemporary music - 30% Western/Indian Classical - 10% Was wondering if Denon 720 AE INT AMP + 720 AE CD player is a good choice for a neo...
  4. M

    what speaker i should buy for Marantz/ denon

    Dear Experts i am looking for good speaker two fs or even wall mount and one centre as a phase one of my home theater set up ...:yahoo: budget for speakers i have kept around 55 k can stretch to 65 k i want to use one speaker make for entire setup to keep same signature.. i am...
  5. V

    Help me choose bet. Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 and PSB Alpha HT1 5.1?

    Pl Help me choose bet. Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 and PSB Alpha HT1 5.1? both are around 55k. Or shd I go for Focal Sib Co at 35k or Energy RC Micro at 40k or Elac Starlet at 50k? Klipsch Quintet 4 is available at 55k as well...what to do? Totally confused! Tx Vineet:o
  6. saurabhpach

    Any users of Yamaha Avantage rx A-1010 ?

    I'm planning to replace my marantz sr5001 (which is now kaput). Any one who is using Yamaha Avantage Line if recievers please enlighten us? Hows the performance for movies and music ? Thanks in advance :yahoo:
  7. B

    1.5 for 5.1?

    hey guys I have a Yamaha DSP A-1 amp and am currently looking for a home theatre system for the same. My budget is 1.5 lac for the speakers and sub. My ratio would probably be 60% movies 40% music. Therefore am looking for floor standing speakers for the front. What is the best i can...
  8. S

    Request Inputs on Home Theater system within 45k budget

    Hi, I am currently looking to buy a decent budget home-theatre system AVR + speakers (5.1/ 7.1). I read all the recent threads that are relevant. I had been to Onkyo showroom a few times and visited the ProFx showroom in MG Road (Bangalore). I currently have DVD player based 5.1ch HTIB Sony...
  9. N

    Which 32 inch LCD TV should I buy for 40% PC usage and 60% DTH usage.?

    TV's considered : Panasonic TH-L32X24 ebay price 23,900/-. LG 32LD340 ebay price 29,200/-. Samsung 32C450 ebay price 29,000/- Sony EX300 ebay price 26,200/- Usage : 60% DTH content. 40% SD, HD content through PC. Looking For : Natural Colors, Good DTH content playback, Good HD and...
  10. S

    Best LCD/PLASMA TVs 40" - 50"

    After joining this group recently, I had started a thread asking for advice on 42/46/47 LCD/Plasma TVs. I had got some useful feedback on the models available in the market, some of the good dealers/distributors in Bangalore etc. Following that, I visited a few showrooms and tried to gather as...
  11. S

    Need input on 42/46/47" LCD or Plasma TV

    This is kind of a repeat post. I had posted the original queries in the "intro" sections: http://www.hifivision.com/introductions/7302-new-member-looking-inputs-lcd-tvs.html And got a few useful inputs as well (thanks to those members who have given their inputs). However, I would surely like...
  12. S

    New Member, looking for inputs on LCD TVs

    Hi everyone. I have joined this forum after a friend of mine mentioned to me about it. I am actually looking for information/details on AV equipments. I have a Sony home theatre (AZ7D) that I bought 3 years back. I also bought a Samsung LCD TV (32", LA32R71B) during the same time (after...
  13. S

    speakers for a 600 sq ft space

    Dear All, After going through the various threads and the help that i found even as a bystander, i gathered the courage to become a member and post my query. I am in the process of building a house and am still at a stage where plastering of walls etc. is going on - by conservative...