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what to buy

Home Theatre Systems
  1. D

    5.1 Home Theatre Setup for 20k

    Hi everyone..!! I was interested in upgrading my audio. I was thinking about Sony IV300 or the Sony HTR3 soundbar. After reading their reviews here, I guess I shouldn't go for it. But having such a tight budget constraint, I couldn't find any system that fits the budget. So if you have any...
  2. M

    First Time Buyer Bookshelf Speakers+Amplifier Recommendation Needed.

    Hello everyone, I am an absolute new entrant in the Hi-fi Audio world and to say that I am flummoxed by choices and terminologies would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I have a budget of 30K to make an entry as of now. ( I can invest more but with keeping in mind the law of diminishing...
  3. kane

    Need Help with FS choice

    Hello Everyone, I have been wanting to upgrade the FS at my place for a while now, I currently have the Paradigm 7 v6. Currently can power them with a Marantz SR6006, or marantz PM 6006, or Denon x3300 ( a power amp at the end of the year is on my buy list though) I have the following in mind...
  4. A

    Need suggestions to buy a home theatre under 20K

    Hey folks, I am new to this forum and well this is my post or say "Help" post. I am looking to buy a home system for a room size of 15 X 15. The system would majorly be used for TV viewing (from set up box), movies and music in a ratio of approx. 50:25:25. I am not that tech savvy if...
  5. P

    What reciever to buy for Pioneer SP BS 22 Bookshelf Speakers

    Hi All, I need some advice regarding AV Receivers. I already have a Pioneer SP BS 22 Bookshelf speakers. I plan to buy an AV/Stereo Receiver for them. My budget is around 30 to 40k. Here are my requirements : 1. I mostly listen to (not very loud) music, but occasionally watch TV too. 2...
  6. A

    New amp for Wharfdele diamond 9.5

    Hi all, Need your advice on a new amp for my Wharfdele 9.5 speakers.(floor standing only) I am currently using it with a cheap 50w amp. But want o upgrade to something nicer. I am considering Yamaha AS500 and also a Rotel RX-950AX (which i am getting at a reduced price) there is a small...
  7. S

    Best price for Yamaha YHT 299 in Bangalore?

    Best price for Yamaha YHT 299 in Bangalore?
  8. F

    boston acoustics xs1 vs custom setup.

    Hi, I have to make a big decision today. I see that hifimart has boston acoustics xs1 listed for 23.9k INR. I do not have the time/facility to audition these speakers, so I need quick opinions/advice from you guys. I understand that these are 5 star speakers and the price tag on...