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  1. gobble

    Tiny or Micro NAS option for Travel?

    The synology DS419slim looks great with a 3.5" form factor but it doesnt have Wifi only Gbe. I am unsure if Synology OS works with USB wifi adapters or not. Can anyone already owning Synology devices confirm? My primary use is to avoid carrying a laptop and use it with my iPad in a peer-to-peer...
  2. A

    Solution for Wi-fi -saved but not connected issues

    I do realize that most of you are experts in this field - but when I googled for this particular issue of mine - I did see thousands of queries and none seemed to help. So I did bit of troubleshooting myself and got lucky and thought this post may help a soul or two on this forum as well. I...
  3. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD Smarteefi Smart Power strip

    Smarteefi Power strip Sold .will update here once it reaches the buyer. Product reached buyer location. Mods pls close the thread! Purchased price - 2,800 Current Market price -2,600 Product link attached Product Link Expected price -2,000 including shipping Reason for sale - No more useful...
  4. S

    For Sale Libratone Zipp Classic with Red Fabric and Airplay

    I am putting up for sale Libratone Zipp Classic with Red and Fabric Airplay. Bought new by me in USA and it comes with the power supply (which works for India) as shown in pictures. This has served us really well though it was not used much in the recent years. I am attaching some links for...
  5. A

    5 Ghz WiFi Router

    Looking to purchase a 5 Ghz Wifi router.. anybody selling can PM me plz
  6. K

    Amp for Home - ceiling speakers

    Hi Friends I bought a house where the previous owner has installed ceiling speakers in all the rooms and have given the output at one place in the hall. The speakers are Byford Audio CH705/5 with power 10W/100V and individual controls in all the rooms. I want to buy an AMP preferably...
  7. earthian

    connectivity issues

    Apologise since this question must have been addressed in the past. However, i am not able to solve it and hence the poser: Every time i open the browser, Chrome or safari, it takes a few minutes to connect to the internet. It shows ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED initially and after a while it connects...
  8. A

    how to : MARANTZ 1504 bluetooth enable

    1) What is a cheap way to bluetooth enable marantz 1504 ? 2) How connect marantz 1504 on wifi. it has rj45 lan input.
  9. G

    Need Suggestion

    I am an educationist. Not interested in today's loud DJ typed sound bluster. Want to listen crystal clear clarity sound in my room 15 ft by 12 ft room after returning from office. Love to enjoy Kishore, Lata, Asha's melody with full treble along with moderate bass. Want to buy a decent home...
  10. N

    Music over WiFi

    Greetings, I have been listening/ streaming to online music (mostly soundcloud) onto my BOSE SoundLink or Denon 1100 AVR since last 2 odd years. For all this, I connect my speaker/ AVR to my cellphone using Bluetooth COnnectivity. However, I can see that the connectivity/ speed of...
  11. I

    Pioneer BDP-180

    Took the plunge yesterday and ordered the Pioneer BDP-180 model from Vector Systems in Hyderabad. Will be delivered in a weeks time. Lots of positive feedback for BDP-170 in the forum triggered the decision:D My needs were primarily DVD / HDD playback. I was initially looking to pick a DVD...
  12. L

    Hello! Introducing MUZO Cobblestone! :)

    Hi HiFiVision Community! :) I'm Linda and I'm part of the MUZO team. We are launching an awesome product called Cobblestone on kickstarter a crowd funding site. It's a HiFi WiFi audio adapter and music player that allows you to stream your music whether in HiFi or not through your...
  13. cybervinay

    For Sale Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Smart Wifi Router 1GHz Dual Core Processor!

    I have for sale the latest dual band Wifi router from Netgear. This is dual band 2.4G and 5G model. Signal strength is excellent as this has got three external big antennas. Size is much bigger than any other wireless router that you would have used, It comes with a dual core 1GHz CPU. I...
  14. U

    Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi and facility to use Wireless USB Keyboard Mouse Combo??

    Hi, One of my cousin is looking for a Blu-Ray Player with Wifi and facility to use Wireless USB Keyboard Mouse combo. Primary requirement is to use the player for browsing, watching youtube videos. He is not comfortable with HTPC and does not want HDD media player as wants to use...
  15. U

    Accessing Tata Photon internet on LCD TV via wifi

    Hi All, Is there some wireless adapter that I can connect to my (non-smart) Samsung LCD TV's USB/HDMI port that can connect to my home router's wifi and access internet on the TV? I have a Tata Photon Max wifi datacard with high data limit. Is this even possible? Thanks Uday
  16. L

    Android phone Bridge/PPoE dialer

    I have bought a new moto e. I have a BSNL Dataone broadband connection at home and I connect to the internet through my PC while using the Bridge mode of the wifi modem/router. I am using the standard Windows 7 dialer where I have to input my username and password of BSNL Dataone. If I have to...
  17. R

    For Sale Apple Airport Extreme with Shared Hard disk and Airprint Support

    Hello, i want to sell me Apple Airport Extreme which was purchased 4 and a half years back, It works Perfectly fine as posted in the picture, Have an apple network at home, and now switching to the new Airport Extreme. A few great features: Stronger WIFI range and connectivity...
  18. S

    Pioneer vsx 923 eq help

    hi, i was wondering if its possible to change the equalizer settings like you do in the Icontrolav app without using the phone app just like this http://pioneer.jp/product/soft/iapp_icontrolav2ipad/img/img04.jpg that was a picture from the phone app, i change the eq to full on everything...
  19. L

    Samsung AllShare (DLNA) with non Samsung products

    My Samsung 32F5500 has built in wifi and can be connected with other Samsung devices using Samsung AllShare. My problem is that my laptop and cell phone are not of Samsung. Is there any way I can connect them wirelessly to my TV and stream files and surf the net? My laptop is of Lenovo (Windows...
  20. V

    For Sale Aluratek Internet Radio & Media Player with inbuilt WiFi

    Year of purchase : 2012 Product link :WiFi / Wireless Internet Radio Tuner, Home Theater Edition | Aluratek Features : HI Quality Internet Radio, Media player(USB pendrive/HDD) Condition : Sparingly used with protection cover still on the LCD Connectivity : Wifi, Ethernet, USB 2.0 (To...