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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. I

    New Home Theater Advice

    Hi Guys, Good to see some action on the Hyderabad front. My name is Rahul and I am total newbie in this area. My only noteworthy device is Pioneer BDP-180 I am planning to setup a full fledged home theater room / party room in a house I purchased. Room Size is 19' x 14' and is bare as of now...
  2. aalaap

    Hello from a big screen movies and gaming fan!

    I have a Samsung 51" FHD 3D plasma and the only two things I do with it are watching movies and gaming. I have a Raspberry Pi running XBMC, which I control over HDMI-CEC, pulling media from a 4TB NAS drive and other sources, like my iMac or the Surface Pro. There's a Chromecast too, but I...
  3. jls001

    Benchmark Guide - setting up Foobar2000

    An interesting how-to article by Benchmark (the DAC guys) on how to set up Foobar2000 for a Windows machine: here.
  4. baijuxavior

    For Sale Full function Windows 8 XBMC HTPC

    For sale is my fully configured HTPC based on Windows 8 and XBMC installed on 1TB HDD. This is a full function HTPC, no installation or modification required, just connect the HDMI out to your TV or AVR to enjoy your favourite movies and music. Features The cabinet used is Antec Remote...
  5. K

    Help in placement of TV and wiring for HT

    Hi Guys, I am moving into a new apartment and need some help in placement of TV as well as wiring. I have three option of placing the LCD Tv ( i am still to buy it). These are "TV,' "TV2" and "TV3" I am thinking of placing the LCD at point at place marked as "TV". But it has a window...
  6. cybervinay

    For Sale Like New - Sony Ericsson Aspen - Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone - Touch Screen & Qwerty

    Up for grab is a Sony Ericsson Aspen Windows 6.5 Mobile Phone. I bought this last month (Sept. 2010) and have used it lighty. This is in perfect working condition.Their are no scratches as the screen protector is in use from day one. This was purchased with bill and and more than 10 months...
  7. M

    Ripping in FLAC using EAC

    After having read many posts in the forum about MP3 vs FLAC, and assorted, format related discussion, I decided to post this thread. Hopefully those of you who are using your computers as a source can now rest assured that the recording you are enjoying is EXACTLY the original that you own;)...
  8. S

    can i convert a LCD tv to a computer monitor?

    I read something about the DVI input. can i actually use a LCD TV as my computer monitor screen? Can someone explain to me in detail on how to do so? what models of various brands support this feature? thx a lot!