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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. Anurag

    SOLD KEF LS50W Wireless, mint

    KEF LS50W Wireless 150000 INR It was purchased during the lockdown in Mumbai on 30/04/2020, arrived late after the lockdown, and post lockdown i have been mostly at my hometown, so it has not even been played 500hrs. Absolutely in mint condition, all the box packing, the cables, their pouches...
  2. dipdawiz

    JBL Bar 3.1 soundbar review

    Last time I was looking for a soundbar it was 2012, almost gone for Harman Kardon SB26 but I got diverted while researching here and other AV forums; I bought Denon AVR and Polk Tsi400 series 5.1 speakers currently taking care of my audio requirement in home theater. This time I was again...
  3. S

    Looking for a purely wireless 5.1 surround set up for my TV

    Hi, I am looking to supplement my Sony TV speakers with something that would make the movie-watching experience richer. I find the stock TV speakers inadequate and am hardly able to comprehend dialogues. Hence my search for a soundbox started. As i have recently redone my living room, there is...
  4. Z

    Is such a setup possible !!

    Dear Forum members Im thinking of purchasing a projector & a 7.1/7.2 AVR. The only criteria is that 1. The AVR should be able to play the audio from the projector wirelessly. The projector should be a 3D Full HD. The AVR should be a 7.1/7.2 with Dolby ATMOS. I require help from...
  5. parambir

    Bluedio Anyone?

    I know there are numerous forums on various wireless headphones but I looking at some specific information here. While I never thought I would ever want a pair of wireless headphones, I finally had to give into buying one. I started hunting the WWW for the options I have and then fumbled upon...
  6. Z

    Wireless Headphone ?

    Hello Forum Members I'm confused. Please guide me as to which wireless headphones should I buy. It should be value for money & a balanced sound. I listen to soft music & also watch movies & would like to use these headphones for that purpose. I don't want headphones with wires all around. I...
  7. parambir

    Stream your Music from phone using wireless

    Since the day I got my Minix Neo U1, I have been wondering how to stream my music using wireless technique to my minix/Receiver from my android phone without much hassles and use a freeware (don't we all love it :ohyeah:). While I am thankful to all forum members to share my concern and provide...
  8. netant

    Does Panasonic Viera DT60 Supports IEEE 802.11ac wifi ?

    Panasonic TH-L50DT60D, comes with this Panasonic N5HBZ0000101 Wireless LAN Adapter. don't have any specs available about its network capabilities b/g/n .. or anything. any search in internet ( google, duckduckgo, etc ) only returning ebay selling links in its thousand pages search result...
  9. A

    Give me some suggestion about wireless extender

    I want to buy a wireless hdmi extender to connect my pc to tv,maybe sometimes connect my camera to tv. Can anybody give me some suggestion ?
  10. M

    Home Theatre with Bluetooth and Wireless subwoofer/satellites

    Dear all - I am looking to buy home theatre for my 40" LED. The budget is 50-60K but the constraint is that I need something with Bluetooth and also wireless rear speakers/subwoofer. The challenge is that I am in a rented home and have a wiring setup done for rear speakers. Also I use a...
  11. I

    Wireless Speaker or Technology Alternatives to Sonos

    I have been researching quite a lot to arrive at a wireless solution which is inexpensive, works like Sonos and reliable with decent music capabilities. I like all of them and will be exploring more about them, thought of sharing: ROCKI - free your music https://www.thisisbeep.com/...
  12. M

    Help Needed! - First time user ( Non Technical Background)

    Hello, This is manvi here and recently joined the forum.I spent around 2 hrs yesterday and was quite suprised to understand the knowledge this forum has. I come from a non technical background and i thought to start the thread which would have answers to all the questions a newbie who wants...
  13. U

    Accessing Tata Photon internet on LCD TV via wifi

    Hi All, Is there some wireless adapter that I can connect to my (non-smart) Samsung LCD TV's USB/HDMI port that can connect to my home router's wifi and access internet on the TV? I have a Tata Photon Max wifi datacard with high data limit. Is this even possible? Thanks Uday
  14. S

    Wireless Kit for Subwoofer

    Hi Friends I have a Polk Audio PSW505 subwoofer. I want to place the same in my living room but can not afford to put wires all along the place. Can anybody suggest any wireless kit for the subwoofer that works perfectly with the sub woofer. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  15. Z

    How to stream audio wirelessly to my stereo amplifier

    Hello I have lots of music in the form of mp3 files either downloaded or borrowed from friends. Some of these music files I have burnt on a blank CD & playing using my DVD player. Unfortunately the DVD player does not have a USB port to connect a pen drive. Is there a solution ( Hardware or...
  16. Santy

    Seagate Wireless HDD

    Seagate Wireless Plus Should be great for streaming audio/video files to different devices over wifi. Sold for 199 USD for 1 TB in US. In India priced at Rs. 16000 MRP I guess? Quite steep.
  17. A

    Turning the tide... New Active Speakers

    I have been quite intrigued by the development in new Active and wireless speakers over the last year. I think as more and more mainstream HiFi companies enter this area the more popular these will become. The first steps i think were take by Dynaudio. Dynaudio xeo 5's have received brilliant...
  18. N

    Network Problem in DLNA streaming

    I have a BSNL wifi router, I can access computers that are connected on the wireless network. The router also has ethernet ports, so I hooked up my tv to one of the ethernet ports on the router. My laptop connects using wifi. When I go to the network in my Win7 laptop I am not not able to see...
  19. Santy

    Wireless HDMI kit

    Stumbled upon this product. Sounds interesting. I think its not discussed here before? If anyone has only a TV in their living room, ie without any sound system, you can make it completely wireless (assuming power cords concealed). The STB/AVR could be placed outside view (still visible for...
  20. H

    8" Wireless Sub Woofer for 80 USD

    Hi!! Guys this deal seems to be pretty mouthwatering!! .. Sellout.Woot just FYI :D