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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. M

    Installation of 5.1 Speakers system

    Hi Friends, I'll be moving into a new Flat soon, and need to install the existing 5.1 Ch home theater into the new living room. I've a Denon receiver and Polk Audio speakers. As of now, in the rented house, we didn't bother much about proper calibration and installation of the system. But for...
  2. R

    Urgent : Help on wiring the speaker

    Hi All, I have a yamaha rxv-479. Currently I have an old Aiwa speaker (bookshelf type) .. Need your help in connecting them to AVR. Each speaker has 2 sets of wires. The specs says one as 6Ohm and other one as 16 Ohms. My AVR says min 6 Ohms per speaker. How should I wire the speaker...
  3. A

    Help with HT issues

    Hi guys, I bought an apartment recently. Below is an image of the partly done hometheater. The speaker wiring is not yet done, but the pipes within the walls for the wires are done, and I am considering moving the rear speakers to the sides by making new piping. This is for a 5.1 system. Not...
  4. R

    Speaker Connection Polarity

    Hi, Recently bought Jamo s606 and SW300 to go with my Onkyo 509. Am a little confused about the wiring. The Jamo wire that I am using doesn't seem to have any color coding at all to distinguish b/w positive and negative, because of which I can't make out the right polarity when connecting to...
  5. M

    Hello! In planning phase for HT + Distributed Music System for new apartment

    Hi friends, I am relatively a newbie and am planning for a home theater setup and a stereo music setup for my new flat under construction. At the moment, I am just saying Hello! as I think I will need your valuable expert advice in the coming months. My Requirements 1. 5.1 HT...
  6. K

    Help in placement of TV and wiring for HT

    Hi Guys, I am moving into a new apartment and need some help in placement of TV as well as wiring. I have three option of placing the LCD Tv ( i am still to buy it). These are "TV,' "TV2" and "TV3" I am thinking of placing the LCD at point at place marked as "TV". But it has a window...